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The alleged photographs of Jenni Rivera dead

  • Death of Jenni Rivera
  • His death was in doubt.
  • There are photos of Jenni Rivera dead

Almost ten years after the tragic death of “La diva de la banda” there is still the doubt of hundreds of followers about what the true end of the singer was, since it was speculated that she was still alive. Today we tell you about the alleged photographs of Jenni Rivera dead.

On December 9, 2012, it was ensured that the aircraft that was transporting the singer Jenni Rivera after a concert at the Arena Monterrey to the city of Toluca had lost communication with the radars minutes after its takeoff and nothing was known about the singer. and the crew according to The financial.

The death of Jenni Rivera

The death of Jenni Rivera

Hours later it was learned that the Lear Jet 25, with license plate N345MC, had fallen in the Sierra Madre Oriental in the municipality of Iturbide, in Nuevo León, and the worst fears of his followers and family began to come true.

It had been confirmed that there were no survivors. Neither his companions Arturo Rivera Ruiz (public relations specialist), Jacob Yebale (makeup artist), Jorge Armando Sánchez (stylist) and Mario Macías Pacheco (lawyer) nor Jenni Rivera.

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