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The actor Jesús Castro from Diario de un Gigoló, reveals aspects at the premiere several hours

  • Jesús Castro breaks the silence exclusively for Mundo Now about his new series
  • Diary of a Gigolo premieres this November 12
  • Reveals what he thinks of fact exhibits

Jesús Castro Diary of a Gigolo. Diary of a Gigolo, which premieres in a 2-hour exclusive on Saturday, November 12 on the screens of Telemundo. The Serie stars Adriana Barraza and Jesús Castro. Diary of a Gigolo is a provocative miniseries that tells the tale of Emanuel, a male escort who life a lifestyle of freedom and luxury. Just after enduring violence and poverty for the duration of his childhood, Emanuel forges a sturdy bond with Minou, a businesswoman who will take him underneath her wing and aids him grow to be a coveted male escort. Now the Spanish protagonist speaks solely for now earth.

Destiny alterations when Ana, one of his most regular consumers, features him a tricky occupation: to seduce her daughter Julia to improve her self-esteem. Emanuel unexpectedly gets to be romantically included with Julia, creating him to question her existence options. Eaten by her jealousy around the romance she fostered, Ana threatens to reveal the truth about Emanuel to her daughter in purchase to end her romance. Blinded by his love for Julia, Emanuel fails to see the potential risks that have an effect on their uncertain long run jointly and his challenging everyday living as a gigolo.

Jesús Castro Diary of a Gigolo: Was it well worth all those 6 months of waiting in which they experienced you questioning if they experienced supplied you the part of Emanuel?

Jesús Castro Diary of a Gigolo: Was it worth those six months of waiting in which they had you wondering if they had given you the role of Emanuel?

“Well indeed, of course they say that worthwhile points consider time and in this circumstance it did. It took me a very long time, but I at last received it. Now, seeing the consequence and the acceptance it has amongst the persons, I could not be happier and also extra happy of the selection I made”.

In the exact same way, he talked about the difficulties to make his character, he even had to job interview a authentic gigolo to be equipped to engage in this part: “I satisfied a male, I experienced a talk and I realized how important he is. They want to be favored, they will need to be the middle of consideration, the two physically and emotionally as properly. And of course, I didn’t see substantially of this person, I wished to set that sensitivity in Emmanuel, like gigolos a minimal in this certain circumstance, due to the fact he failed to feel much, he was almost robotic, he knew what he experienced to do completely, but not because I felt it, but because it was the modus operandi or so of liking and attracting additional clients”.

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