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The academy will decide Will Smith’s punishment for hitting Chris Rock this Friday

Will Smith will know this April 8th the penalty that the Hollywood Academy will impose after the final installment of the Oscars Beat Chris Rock.

the The government council meets this Friday his meeting to set out the sanctions against the actor who would have already resigned from the academy so that he would no longer have to offer his view of the facts.

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“It is in the best interests of everyone involved that this is dealt with in a timely manner”commented David Rubin, president of the organization.

Despite Will Smith’s resignation, the board continues the open aggression process and will punish. Although it is no longer possible to expel him, what punishment the actor could face is being analyzed withdraw or veto the Oscar received in the last edition of nominations and ceremonies.

There are already several consequences for Will Smith

Will Smith decided to enter a rehabilitation clinic to manage stress and also decided to give it up Hollywood Academy.

  • Will Smith is hospitalized due to the stress he is experiencing after defeating Chris Rock

On the other hand, Netflix and Sony suspended the production of two films, Fast and Loose and Bad Boys 4; Also, the streaming platform canceled the actor’s biography.

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