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The Academy: what songs will the students perform in the grand final

For the first time, Alexander Acha participated as director. (Photo: Instagram/@laacademiatv)

The countdown has already begun for the grand finale to begin. The academythe singing reality show that in its thirteenth generation gave much to talk about due to the interpretations of the students, the forceful opinions of the critics, the quality of Yahir’s driving and the encounters between Lolita Cortés and Alexander Acha.

The finalists are Andrés, Cesia, Nelson, Mar and Rubíbeing the most famous quinceañera in Mexico who is at the bottom of the standings, so he runs the risk of staying one step away from fulfilling his dream. Meanwhile, social networks are flooded with comments for and against the academics, a situation that gives rise to the most competitive concerts of the competition.

There are only two Mexicans in the final: Rubí and Andrés.  (Photos: Instagram laacademiatv)
There are only two Mexicans in the final: Rubí and Andrés. (Photos: Instagram laacademiatv)

since it started The academy The five students who reached the end stood out for their performances and vocal quality, especially Cesia and Mar, who managed to gain a large community of Mexican fans even though they are not from the country. Andrés and Nelson also shone on stage and with their grace they became favorites to win the award. Nevertheless, Rubí’s pass generated controversy because he still has many errors in his presentations.

Much has to do with the songs that each concert performs, for that reason, below we present what will be the songs that the academics will present in the last two concerts of this generation of celebration for the 20th anniversary of reality in Mexico.

Songs Saturday August 13

It should be remembered that Nelson became the first reality show finalist by majority vote of the public.  (Photo: Instagram / @laacademiatv)
It should be remembered that Nelson became the first reality show finalist by majority vote of the public. (Photo: Instagram / @laacademiatv)

– Sea: strange loves by Laura Pausini

– Cessia: I’ll live (I Will Survive) by Celia Cruz

– Ruby: To simmer by Rossana

– Andrew: Yesterday by Luis Miguel

-Nelson: Steal a kiss from you by Carlos Vives

Songs Sunday August 14

(Photo: Instagram/@lacademiatv)
(Photo: Instagram/@lacademiatv)

– Sea: Now you from Malu

– Cessia: For love by Marco Antonio Muniz

– Ruby: My mistake, my fantasy by Edith Marquez

– Andrew: He is going to miss me by Ricardo Montaner

-Nelson: You lie From camila

According to information shared by the production of The academy through their social networks, in the last two concerts there will be the stellar participation of Natalia Jiménezrenowned Spanish performer who rose to fame as a vocalist for The fifth station. Pancho Uresti, interpreter of You look very happy, what are you doing, undressed and rowdyto mention some of its most outstanding themes.

Alexander Acha defended himself after criticizing a finalist of “The Academy”

The students began their last week in the reality show receiving the songs that they will sing in the final and rehearsing how they will be put together under the guidance of their teachers. It was during one of these classes that the director made a comment that quickly went viral because, according to social network users, it showed a certain degree of favoritism.

“Let’s see, Nelson doesn’t sing like you”, expressed Alexander Acha in a conversation with Andrés, who added: “But it is very exact”. Despite this, Emmanuel’s son insisted: “Yes, but he doesn’t have… because of the record and everything can’t get to those notes, it is impossible for himNelson would not arrive because of the vocal weight, there is no way, he has another register”.

the truth, and I’m going to tell you like this even if it seems unfair but it’s the realitythe baritones, as I will tell you, there are very few famous singers and successful baritones, but extremely rare, only in cultured music. In popular music, don’t believe it, because we are used to the explosion being up there, not down there.

After what happened, the singer turned to his social networks to clarify the situation:

“When I told Andrés that Nelson did not sing like him, yes, Andrés does not sing like Nelson either and I am referring to the timbre of the voice, that is what I mean by the register (…) these are his tones of voice. Andrés is a lyrical tenor and Nelson is a light baritone and they are two registers that are thus crossed. These trebles that Andrés has, Nelson does not have, nor can he have them, perhaps with time. but he will never have this doorbell, it’s a genetic thing”, he pointed out.


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