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The academy. They capture two students locked in the bathroom while everyone slept

MEXICO CITY.- The academy With its commemorative edition for its 20 years, it has managed to get the attention of the public, but unfortunately not because of the talent of its participants, but because of the polemics that have arisen in the program. To the long list is added the alleged “Romance” of two students who were caught when they locked themselves in the bathroom while everyone was sleeping, however, this “relationship” has caused a stir because one of the guys has a girlfriend.

The academy. They capture two students locked in the bathroom while everyone slept

The cameras of the TV Azteca reality show have shown that James and Nelson They have been affectionate on several occasions.

Likewise, the public has commented that the participants have been affectionate throughout the weeks that they have been in the program, since it is already common to see them spending a lot of time together and exchanging a lot of body contact.

Due to the complicity they have shown, some viewers suspect that the young people have a relationshipeven Internet users have named the couple as #Neltiago.

However, now the suspicions could be confirmed because through TikTok have spread a video in which it is shown James and Nelson, alone, in the bathroom for more than 30 minutes.

The video It has caused a stir because you can see how Nelson asks one of his companions to leave them alone, while Santiago is brushing his teeth. Another highly commented detail of the clip is that although it is not possible to see Nelson in the shot, you can read the lips of the girl saying: ‘Leave?’, after that he withdraws leaving the two alone.

But the recording also shows when Nelson gives directions to Santiago and both walk towards the showers, where there are no cameras. However, during the time they remain bathroom interior murmurs and indecipherable sounds are heard, which has made many “theories” come to mind… After almost half an hour, they both come out of the bathroom and go to the room that corresponds to them.

It should be noted that this could be the reason for a heavy sanction, since it is penalized to talk without the audio being recorded.

The academy. They capture two students locked in the bathroom, one of them has a girlfriend

In social networks this video generated comments of all kinds. But also Daniel Bisogno, spoke about it. The host of “Ventaneando” criticized this fact, as he revealed that Santiago has a girlfriend outside the house and she has even been present at concerts.

Bisogno He ended his comment by pointing out that acting young people is a distraction to achieve their dreams.

The academy. Nelson and Rubí kiss

Yes ok Daniel Bisogno evidenced the alleged deception that Santiago would be committing against his girlfriend. Internet users have also pointed out that he is not the only one who would be acting badly, since Nelson was previously caught giving a kiss with ruby (the viral quinceañera).

Since they entered the famous TV Azteca reality show, Ruby and Nelson They have become very good friends, perhaps for this reason they decided to “seal” their friendship with a kiss that was recorded by the cameras of the Academy.

Although the contact between the two students was small, since they gave each other a “little bit”, Nelson could not help but comment on what happened: “ruby reminds me of flash, but in a small version, “said Nelson after kissing Rubí on the mouth.

It should be noted that this kiss occurred after the controversy between Santiago and Isabela, who had also been very affectionate and willing to start something more than a simple friendship.

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