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The Academy of Marcelo Tinelli, in the final stretch: who are the favorites?

The Academy of Marcelo Tinelli, in the final stretch: who are the favorites?

In a year more than complicated for ShowMatch, this time with the format transformed into The academy, in the last part of the year the definitions are approached to consecrate to a new winning duo in the cycle that Marcelo Tinelli leads through El Trece.

The roadmap of those who are still on the way has a great unknown: the date of the last broadcast, no confirmation yet by the channel or by the production company La Flia.

Although rumors about an early dismissal were circulating until recently, due to the low rating that the program obtained this season, for now everything indicates that The academy will continue to air for several more weeks and would end in mid-December, as has happened in so many previous seasons with Tinelli’s classic.

The Day Marcelo Tinelli Was A Jury For La Academia In Showmatch.  Photo Laflia / Jorge Luengo.

The day Marcelo Tinelli was a jury for La Academia in ShowMatch. Photo LaFlia / Jorge Luengo.

The names that follow in dance

With nine couples in competition, as of this Tuesday eliminations will be double, as announced by the driver himself at the start of the week. That would accelerate the definition towards a winning pair in this 2021 full of shocks for the cycle.

Those who continue dancing are the Spanish Agustín Barajas and Loana Ruiz; Agustín “Cachete” Sierra and Fiorella Giménez; Candela Ruggeri and Nicolás Fleitas; Celeste Muriega and Maximilian Diorio; Lizardo Ponce and Josefina Oriozabala; Mario Guerci and Soledad Bayona; Noelia Marzol and Jonathan Lazarte; Rocío Igarzábal and Gonzalo Gerber; and Rocío Marengo and Ignacio Pérez Cortés.

After the closing of the rhythm “musical comedies”, where Rocío Igarzábal stood out with a played version of the musical Avoid, now will hit the track the “urban rhythms”. The rounds that follow, already almost in the semifinals, they have not yet defined with what rhythms will be realized.

Rocío Marengo And Ignacio Pérez Cortés At La Academia De Showmatch.  Photo Laflia / Jorge Luengo.

Rocío Marengo and Ignacio Pérez Cortés at La Academia de ShowMatch. Photo LaFlia / Jorge Luengo.

In such an erratic year for the course of the program, even for the participants who were going through the track of the classic Tinelli program, it is difficult to mark potential winners. There are those who dance well, but it is already known that this is not enough, since many times charismatic participants were consecrated “champions” despite not being good dancers.

With the elimination of Pachu Peña, one of the favorites, among those who remain in the competition there are several who could reach the podium for their skill on the track, such as Noelia Marzol, Rocío Igarzábal or Agustín Barajas (the Spanish, a partner of Hernán Piquín, is a professional dancer). But there is more than one, like Rocío Marengo or “Cachete” Sierra, who can hit the ground running.

Although this year the classic ShowMatch was renamed as The academy, the format that debuted last May started with a novel intention, but ended up leaning towards the traditional dance contest.

Celeste Muriega And Maxi Diorio At La Academia De Showmatch.  Photo Laflia / Jorge Luengo.

Celeste Muriega and Maxi Diorio at La Academia de ShowMatch. Photo LaFlia / Jorge Luengo.

The jury, traditionally of four members, this year had one more chair. The regulars Ángel De Brito and Carolina Pampita Ardohain, who have held that role for several seasons, were joined by Jimena Barón, Hernán Piquín and, later, Guillermina Valdes.

To the low historical rating of the cycle (with an average below 10 points), several factors were added to the contrary, such as the changes in schedules in the El Trece grid, and the abandonment of many participants (there were eight this year), something unprecedented for the contest.

The academy, in addition to giving his usual schedule to several programs on the channel, such as fiction The 1-5 / 18 and The 8 steps of the million, had to face a very difficult competition from the Telefe screen, with cycles that managed to prevail comfortably in their time slot.

The reality shows like MasterChef Celebrity, The Argentine Voice and the Turkish soap opera Doctor Miracle they managed to shade it in this pandemic programming that changed everything.

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