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The Academy: Nelson received critical acclaim; he won a car

Nelson had the opportunity to sing alongside Paola Chuc, winner of the eleventh generation. (Instagram photo: @laacademiatv/ YouTube Capture: The Academy)

The first installment of the grand finale of The Academy 20 years He gave a lot to talk about. Between “boredom” for the solo performances and masterful duets with former students – where unexpectedly Erasmo Catarino did not show up to sing with Rubí-, the critics asserted their forceful opinions and They gave a very special recognition to a participant for his outstanding growth within the reality show, because he runs the risk of not winning.

It was Lolita Cortés who, on behalf of the panel of critics, announced that at the end of the concert on August 13 they would give a car to an academic: “We critics want to give encouragement to whom we consider to have been a student who has stood out among the others.”.

However, the competition is close and both he and Rubí, Mar, Cesia and Andrés could take the million pesos and the trophy, everything will depend on the public. Faced with this unknown, Ana Bárbara, Horacio Villalobos, Arturo López Gavito and Lolita Cortés took action on the matter and in a certain way recognized who they consider should win.

As you know the public is the one who decides who will win The academyWe all know perfectly well. And that is why we critics met with the production and then we decided to make this surprise”, explained the iron judge.

It should be remembered that during the semifinal Lolita Cortés left La Academia as soon as he found out that Eduardo -an academic with a lot of potential- was eliminated and Rubí passed. In this way, the musical theater star expressed his disagreement with the popular vote and for that reason he would have done everything possible to recognize the student who, from his perspective and that of his classmates, should win, because in the end the fans of the program can give him the award to another scholar.

At the end of the concert, Lolita Cortés took the floor to announce that the big winner for the critics is none other than Nelson, a beloved Guatemalan performer who, with his charisma and talent, managed to position himself as one of the favorites for become the 13th reality show winner.

Remarkably excited by the news, the young singer temporarily left the set to see his new white private mode of transportation outside.

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