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The Academy: everything that is known about Rubí’s return after contracting COVID-19

Santiago was eliminated during the last concert. (Photo: Instagram / @iamrubiig)

The concerts of The academy they continue to give something to talk about, especially for the forceful criticism of Lolita Cortésthe strong comments of Arturo López Gavito, the statements of the students who continue in competition and Yahir’s participation as main driver. However, during the past week there were moments of tension inside the house due to the health problems faced by the academics, including Rubí, who tested positive for COVID-19.

It was last Monday, July 25, when it was confirmed that the Most famous quinceañera in Mexico was infected with coronavirus and your stay inside the house he put his teammates at risk, teachers and production team. For this reason, after being discharged she was transferred to a hotel, where she remains in isolation until this Sunday morning and could not sing Nothing was an error with Cesia and Eduardo during the concert on Saturday.

Rubí, Cesia, Mar, Eduardo, Andrés and Nelson continue in the competition.  (Photo: Instagram / @laacademiatv)
Rubí, Cesia, Mar, Eduardo, Andrés and Nelson continue in the competition. (Photo: Instagram / @laacademiatv)

Although the interpreter did not attend the program, everything seems to indicate that she is still in competition, since the production agreed to give her a break due to her state of health. Nevertheless, This July 31 marks six days since his contagion was confirmed -time you agree with United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) It is necessary to remain in isolation to avoid contagion, so his return could occur tonight.

Due to this possibility, during yesterday’s concert the production contacted Rubí to find out more about it and it was she herself who reported that she could return to perform You are for me by Juliet VenegasEverything will depend on the result of a new COVID test.

“I am still here at the hotel on the instructions of my doctor. morning [domingo] I will be tested for COVID and I hope to come out negative so I can be with all of you, to be able to be with my friends in class, the truth is that it is strange. I hope tomorrow I can join if they also allow me, hopefully, first of all this negative, “she said.

So far the result is unknown, but it is expected that in the next few hours it will spread through the reality’s social networks. During her intervention at the gala, Rubí confessed that in recent days she has had the opportunity to talk with her family and assured that her words of encouragement motivated her to continue in the competition.

(Photo: Instagram/@laacademiatv)
(Photo: Instagram/@laacademiatv)

“More than anything, I would like to thank the public that supports me, that has been on the lookout for me. Many thanks to my family, to my mother who I have had the opportunity to maintain contact with her, The truth is, your words have comforted me a lot.my dad, my brothers. It has been very nice for me to be able to talk with them since throughout this project I had not had any communication with anyone in my family.”, he added.

We already made plans of what I’m going to do when I get out of here, it’s crazy

Finally, Rubí acknowledged that she misses her routine within the singing reality show and unexpectedly revealed that she also misses the panel of critics: “I also miss my classmates a lot, the classes, what is experienced there, the emotions […] I never thought I said it but I also miss the judges, a little weird, but I miss them.

The academy (Photo: Ig @laacademiatv)
The academy (Photo: Ig @laacademiatv)

Songs that the students will perform this Sunday, July 31

– Cessia: Lie to Me by Tini

– Sea: The most beautiful thing by Eros Ramazzotti

– Ruby: You are for me by Juliet Venegas

– Eduardo: to pure pain of son by four

-Nelson: I believe in you by Reik

– Andrew: dance close by Sergio Dalma

– Santiago: Moon face of bacilli


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