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The Academy 20 years: The best memes left by the last expulsion

Eduardo’s exit was one of the biggest surprises of the semifinal. (Photos: Twitter/@spiderplay_ | The Academy)

This weekend everything was ready for the grand finale of La Academia 20 años, the most important singing reality show on Tv Azteca, in which we will be able to see Nelson, Mar, Cesia, Rubí and Andrés sing to become the star of this generation.

As expected, the semi-final of the contest was full of big surprises and memorable moments, including the participation of OV7, Caló, Colette and Erika Alcocer as guest artists. Even Ana Barbaraa member of the panel of judges, graced the stage in the company of the students to interpret hits such as I looked for it How I miss you Y Crazy.

'The grupera queen' received applause from the public during her performances in the semifinal.  (Photo: Twitter/@LaAcademiaTV)
‘The grupera queen’ received applause from the public during her performances in the semifinal. (Photo: Twitter/@LaAcademiaTV)

One of the moments of greatest emotion during this semifinal, which was divided into two days, was the announcement of Nelson as the first finalist of this generation.

Although critics were not entirely convinced by his interpretation of What was not will not be, recognized the great progress that the young Guatemalan has had. That, added to the incessant support of his fans, catapulted him straight to the grand finale to be held on days August 13 and 14.

Another of the moments that took the full attention of the public was the sudden exit of Ruby during the concert 17 this Sunday, apparently due to an anxiety attack. Fortunately, he was stable and managed to return to the forum without any complications.

The announcement of the finalists caused a great impact

Undoubtedly, the strongest tensions were experienced at the end of the Sunday concert, since the definitive list of the finalists of the project was announced.

Thanks to the support of the public, Nelson, Mar, Cesia, Andrés and Rubí They will be able to step on the stage of La Academia once again to win the hearts of the public and convince them of their talent.

Rubí’s permanence in the contest was one of the most unexpected things, since previous polls did not position her as one of the favorites.

Screenshot: Twitter/@Lizbeth038177123
Screenshot: Twitter/@Lizbeth038177123

His interpretation of You are for me during concert 17 she was viewed favorably by the panel of judges, but courteous lolitaArturo Lopez Gavito, Horace Villalobos Y Ana Barbara they agreed that it did not reach the necessary level for these heights.

In this sense, they considered that her performance corresponded to what they would have expected during the first month of the contest and, without including her in their list of possible finalists, they wished him much success in his carrer.

However, the voice of the public is what counts, and thanks to that, Rubí won a place in the great party of La Academia 20 years.

Capture: Twitter/@HugoLacavex
Capture: Twitter/@HugoLacavex

Even upon hearing the list of finalists and learning of Eduardo’s departure, Lolita Cortés withdrew the microphone and left the panel of judges without mentioning a word.

Capture: Twitter/@CacheuxMiguel
Capture: Twitter/@CacheuxMiguel

And it is that the closing of the seventeenth concert left a bittersweet taste for the spectators, because although it left everything ready for the long-awaited final, Eduardo became the last expelled of this generation.

The impact of the news was accentuated was even greater due to the great reviews it received the native of Tijuana, Baja California, who consolidated his progress in the contest with a brilliant interpretation of Today I want youin the version of Alejandro Fernández.

Capture: Twitter/@spiderplay_
Capture: Twitter/@spiderplay_
Capture: Twitter/@Ma_Belen12
Capture: Twitter/@Ma_Belen12
Capture: Twitter/@taikkun09
Capture: Twitter/@taikkun09

“I ask the public to vote for Eduardo, he has to be in the final, he has to fight for the first places. Eduardo is an artist, he is a singer” were the words that Lolita Cortés shared as part of her observations.

After Yahir announced his expulsion, Ana Barbara Y alexander ach They accompanied the now ex-academician to the dressing rooms, where he moved in tears.


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