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The 30 years of Dynamo, the most experimental album by Soda Stereo and whose presentation tour ended with an unusual show On October 26, 1992, the sixth studio album by a band that was in the wave crest. The review of a work that became the favorite of many fans and the curious last recital of that stage

Gustavo Cerati, Charly Alberti and Zeta Bosio in one of the promotional photos of Dynamo

“This album is – out there – more real than any other because it is not a product of inertia, but of getting together after a while and realizing that we were producing music, and we produced so much that we almost had to stop the album. Because it was an album like that: we had about 20 songs, such a thing had never happened to us. We decided to end it and call it dynamowith that format of twelve songs”.

The words of Gustavo Cerati They realized how special this work was for him –and for the band in general– and how important it meant to get out of the explosion that it had generated. animal song. After that fury, the Soda had distanced themselves for a while with the aim of returning renewed to make a different album.

The so-called “Animal Tour” had taken them all over the continent and the finishing touch was on December 14, 1991 with a free recital on Avenida 9 de Julio before more than 250,000 people. That album had also meant the arrival of the group to the Spanish public, which would take shape in May 1992 with shows in Madrid, Seville, Valencia, Barcelona and Oviedo.

The popularity was very high. The songs from the fifth album did not stop playing on the radio – all hits in which the highly successful “De musica light” stood out – and the musicians were permanently named in the media throughout the region. They were in the best moment of their career.

After that much-needed break, they went back to school with the goal of doing dynamo, but they raised something very different from the musical point of view. Before making this album, Cerati had recorded holy colors beside Daniel Melero – his first time making an album outside of Soda Stereo – and he was particularly interested in exploring new sounds.

Los Soda Stereo on the Dynamo stage
Los Soda Stereo on the Dynamo stage

dynamo consisted of taking animal song and destroy it. It’s as if to animal song we would have put it in the water. And, on a sound level, we wanted to produce that, the songs had more to do with something hypnotic. The idea was to remix it, mix it with something else dancing and include something else trance in our music. I know that those who adopted that album love it and the same thing happens to me”, Gustavo would affirm a few years later in an interview with the Chilean media group copesa.

The band’s sixth studio album was released on a day like today in 1992 with 12 songs and a very particular style: a mixture of sounds that ranged from experimentation to electronic prevailed. “It is the album with the highest peaks of emotion. We had the feeling that we were doing something musically great, and that we were completely satisfied”, Cerati recalled.

According to what the journalist highlighted Marcelo Fernandez Bitarin a special collection called Todo Soda –edited in 2012–, the work dynamics, at the time of recording, was to rescue the spontaneity of the first shots, since the musicians were “sapping” the songs that they were creating together, improvising and putting together every detail during the three months of recording.

The video for “Primavera 0” – Soda Stereo

For its part, Zeta Bosio recounted, in his autobiographical book I know that placewhich by the time of dynamo I would fulfill a dream I had with Gustavo Cerati since there was a time: having your own studio. “We traveled to Los Angeles to make the necessary contacts to obtain equipment. We hire a brokerwho is a guide specialized in setting up recording studios and who has contacts in the field, and thanks to him we saw all kinds of consoles, microphones and even cables”.

Regarding how the name of the recording studio came about, the bassist in his book summed it up like this: “Thinking of some possibilities, one day I saw a Goodmark hamburger sign on Lugones Avenue, I translated it by making an association for what I was looking for and I thought a name that referred to an idea similar to ‘good brand’. Transferred to sound, it occurred to me Supersonic because with Gustavo we were also fans of the animated series; I told him about it and he loved it.”

“In Swirls” – Soda Stereo

The broadcast cuts of dynamo They were “Spring 0″, “Red Moon”, “Amoeba”, “In Swirls”, “Chiaroscuro”, “Textures” and “Was”. Cerati was in charge of the voice and the guitars; Bosio did the bass and backing vocals; and Alberti on drums and percussion. Also, in “Camaleón” the roles were reversed: Gustavo played the bass and Zeta the guitar.

“Was” – Soda Stereo

There were also top-level guest musicians: Daniel Melero, Tweety González, Flavio Etcheto, Sanjay Bhadoriya, Padanth Voice, Eduardo Blacher and Roberto Zuczer made their contributions.

dynamo featured only one video clip – “Primavera 0″, directed by actor Boy Olmi– and the album was presented on the television program Fax, conducted by Nicholas Repetto. In sales it did not have a great performance and began to be valued by fans over time. As always, the trio was ahead.

Los Sodas and all their staff on stage after the show at the bakery (Credit: Wady Rodríguez)
Los Sodas and all their staff on stage after the show at the bakery (Credit: Wady Rodríguez)

The unusual closing of the Dynamo tour

The story of the closing of the tour of dynamothe group’s penultimate studio album, went viral in 2021 based on the story of wadi rodriguez, a renowned illuminator who was part of the band’s staff during those years. the fan of the group SkinnyStereo He shared on his social networks the testimony of the technician, who told how that unforgettable night was.

In dialogue with teleshow Last year, the protagonist of the memory expanded his story by providing some unknown details of a recital that undoubtedly remained in the memory –and in the hearts– of the musicians and their work team.

Wady started working at a very young age. At the age of 15 he was already Sandra Mihanovich’s lead and during the week he was a cadet in her office, which was on Ayacucho and Lavalle. “To this day, Sandra does not recognize that she was the person who changed the course of my life. She assures that she is only due to my passion for my work, but it was she who opened the door to this world for me. I literally found a great family that grew over the years and grew stronger and bigger, “he began his conversation with this medium.

And he continued reviewing his story: “Years later I worked for a time as an illuminator at the Lasalle theater in the Once neighborhood, but it was not until 1990 that, after living for a year in Los Angeles, a totally fortuitous situation made me end up living and working in Tijuana, Mexico; and it is there where I know the first moving lights that I had in my hands. It was there that I really discovered this passion and fell in love with my profession.”

Wady Rodríguez in times when he worked for Soda Stereo (Credit: Wady Rodríguez)
Wady Rodríguez in times when he worked for Soda Stereo (Credit: Wady Rodríguez)

We said above that Rodríguez is a recognized illuminator since he offers his services to musicians of the stature of Ricky Martin, 13TH Street, Shakira Y Romeo Santos, among others. “I work with great artists, but fundamentally with people with whom I have admiration for their music, their lyrics or we generate an emotional bond. For me it is essential to connect emotionally”, he stressed.

Regarding the unusual closure of the tour of dynamo, he recalled: “It ended on March 20 in Tampico, Mexico, but a date was added that was undoubtedly the best ending that tour could have. At least for me. The date was March 28, 1993 and the somewhat particular place: the bakery ‘El Angel’from the city of San Cristóbal de Ecatepec, Mexico”.

“We literally couldn’t believe it. We thought that the driver had taken the wrong address or that he was screwing us. Imagine that suddenly he parks the bus in front of the bakery, opens the door and says: ‘We’re here’. If I remember correctly, the first to get off the bus were Eduardo Dell’Oro Y Marcelo Angioliniwho entered the bakery to ask where the show was and the surprise was when they confirmed that we were in the right place, “he explained.

And he continued: “We started to get off the bus and entered the bakery. We could not stop laughing among the clients buying the bread, the employees excited to see us enter and frame the counters full of sandwiches, invoices and cakes. The bakery was connected to the owner’s house, which had a really nice and well-kept garden. This man received us very excited in the garden of his house, and that was when he proudly showed us a stage that they had prepared with great will but that was far from meeting the needs of the tour. They had set up a kind of orange canvas tent from which obviously nothing could be hung.

"Charly Alberti's little kick when I announced that I wasn't going to be at River's farewell in '97"says Wady about this photo and the autograph (Credit: Wady Rodríguez)
“Charly Alberti’s little kick when I told them I wasn’t going to be at River’s farewell in ’97”, says Wady about this photo and the autograph (Credit: Wady Rodríguez)

“As far as lighting is concerned, we could only hang the rear bridge from some structures and I had to distribute the rest of the mobile ones on the stage floor and on the sides. The dressing rooms were the rooms of the baker’s house. He seemed so happy and so helpful… He kept insisting that we could eat as much as we wanted and I think we listened to him. I could be wrong about this data (…) but if my memory serves me correctly it was a surprise show for her daughter’s 15th birthday”, he explained.

Regarding his memory of the show itself, Wady emphasized that “it was by far the best tour finale. That night a stage was closing and frankly I felt like a private party for the band with its staff and the public that was lucky enough to be there. There was no stress due to technical conditions. On the contrary, the weather was festive and the Soda gave a show with the same dedication as always.

And he concluded: “That afternoon I bought a champagne that I left ready next to my console to celebrate that moment of glory when we were going to upload the last song. I remember that as soon as I stepped on the stage with all the staff, I uncorked it and showered everyone in the best Formula One champion style. That’s how I felt that night”. And that was the remembered end of another historic tour for the group.

Dynamo cover
Dynamo cover

dynamo’s songs

“Start Sequence”

“Take the road”

“In Swirls”

“Spring 0″


“Red Moon”

“Sweet incense”


“Our Faith”


“It was”


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