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The 2022 Academy: Who are the participants, when does it start and how to watch LIVE?

The 2022 Academy is just a few days away from starting and there are 18 students who will seek to become the thirteenth winner of the reality show in which they will have to show that they have the voice and enough talent to be there and reach the grand finale.

A few days ago the press conference was held in which there were plenty of surprises, because in addition to revealing who the participants of The Academy are, the teachers, the jury, mentor, director, conductor and more, so much so that it was revealed that Yahir would not be the only former student to return to the singing contest. Here we tell you everything you need to know about the premiere of the TV Azteca program.

Who are the participants of The Academy 2022?

During the inaugural concert, the students of La Academia 20 anniversary had their first appearance on stage and went up to perform several hits in different groups. Here the names of the new academics.

The first group consisted of:

  • Emilio (“I’ll serenade you”),
  • Fernanda (“Red Sky”),
  • Santiago (“This jealousy”),
  • Alejandra (“Oblivion does not come”),
  • Esmeralda (“For you I will fly”)
  • Zunio (“It will be”).

Although they all gave their best effort, the critics gave them a straight thumbs up. However, the second group did not fare as well either, but the judges gave “lighter” reviews.

  • Cesia (“Not instead”),
  • Andrew (“Mia”),
  • Mariana (“What you had with me”),
  • Nelson (“All of me” -in Spanish-),
  • Isabela (“Angel”)
  • Robert (“Somewhere”).

The third group could be said to be the most controversial of the night, because after it became known that Rubí, the fifteen-year-old who went viral a few years ago, would be part of The Academy, the judges did not hesitate to give their controversial opinion. .

  • Carlos (“Of light music”),
  • Sea (“You are for me”),
  • Jackie (“Look at Me”),
  • Edward (“Just Thank You”),
  • Andrea (“Ordinary Love”) and
  • Ruby (“Wrong”).

The reactions of the critics were very evident and even scolded Yahir for having a consolidated career and “letting himself be impressed with very little”. López Gavito and Lolita Cortés made a rather hurtful comment, as they told him that he does not deserve a space in La Academia.

The Academy 2022: Iron Masters and Judges

The 20-year Academy will be headed by Alexander Acha, however, the mentor will be none other than Aleks Syntek. However, Beto Castillo, Raúl Carballeda, Menny Carrasco and Carlos Quezada will be the singing teachers. While the well-known teacher Guille Gómez will be in charge of the dance, Erick Rocha will be the physical conditioning teacher and Anamar Orihuela will be the psychotherapist.

Regarding the judges for La Academia 2022, what many fans asked for was achieved, since Lolita Cortés and Arturo López Gavito are back, accompanied by Ana Bárbara and Horacio Villalobos, who will join the competition in a few days as he is still recording the reality show “I’m famous, get me out of here.”

Which alumni returns to The Academy 2022?

After it became known that Yahir would be the new host of La Academia 20 years, rumors about the return of other former participants began to spread, and now the news was released that Myriam Montemayor, the winner of the first generation of the reality show TV Azteca makes its official return as godmother of this new edition.

This was confirmed by the singer through a publication on her official Instagram account, in which she shared how happy she is to start this project and thanked TV Azteca for the opportunity to be part of it.

“The Academy is the stage that saw me born as an artist 20 years ago, I return as Godmother of this new generation of talents, Welcome!!! dear public to this new experience. Thank you and all the success!!!” Myriam said

But that’s not all, this generation for the 20 years of La Academia will also have the special participation of Nadia, also a member of the first generation who will host a special program this coming Saturday, June 11 at 8:00 pm on Azteca Uno , in which he will recount through the best moments of the famous reality show.

When does it start and how to watch La Academia 2022 live?

La Academia 2022 premieres on June 12 at 7:30 pm on the Azteca Uno signal. You can watch the program live on your television or watch it online on the television station’s website: Azteca Uno. Click here to go directly.

Remember that you can also follow the live broadcast of The Academy and all the activities of the students inside the house every day, 24 hours a day, through the YouTube channel.

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