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The 2022 Academy. Maestra Guille is ”denounced”; dancers display it

MEXICO CITY.— The Academy 2022 Since its premiere it has been involved in several scandals, even the singing reality show has stood out more for the controversy than for the talent of the students. Now to that long black list is added the “complaint” against the teacher Guille Gomezin charge of assembling the choreographies, and who, according to some dancers, pays little for the work they do.

The 2022 Academy. Maestra Guille is ”denounced” by the dancers; they accuse her of paying unfairly

Both the judges and the viewers have shown their dissatisfaction regarding the assembly of the numbers, since on several occasions they have stated that the student presentations they are nothing spectacular. Even courteous lolita recently pointed out that dancers instead of lifting the presentation of the academics, many times they end up spoiling it.

Perhaps the reason for his poor performance on stage is because they wouldn’t pay the dancers enough, as stated by a user of social networks, who exhibited the teacher of the Academy by publicly denouncing her for the little payment she offers.

Through Twitter, the user identified as Daaf Tejeda, and who claimed to have worked in important shows, ”he denounced” the teacher Guille to offer low salaries. In a tweet, the professional dancer revealed “the truth behind The Academy”:

“The truth about La Academia is that Guille Gómez pays her very little… professional and experienced dancers do not accept the budget she offers,” Daaf Tejeda wrote in a tweet.

Likewise, the dancer also exhibited the teacher Guille by revealing that the designated budget for the dancers is given to her, who subsequently offers a paid inadequate for the hours of work required of them.

Daaf Tejeda, assured that the professional dancers already “know about the “Guille’s bad reputation” That’s why they didn’t go to the auditions.

“… the good dancers of show they did not even attend. We already know about the Guille’s bad reputation, who pays little…”, explained the user, revealing that the dancers hired for this generation are beginners.

Notably the performance of the dancers It has been criticized on more than one occasion. courteous lolita He has commented that they are worse than those of 20 years ago, although Alexander Acha has also requested a concert without dancers.

“I imagined you rocking and not with these hideous dancers, who danced terribly, that weren’t even relevant. Tell the one with the ponytail to stick his tongue out, because they can’t dance with their mouths open. They spoil the presentation for the students”, she commented in one of the concerts the ‘Iron Judge’.

The Academy 2022: This was the lawsuit between Lolita Cortés and the teacher Guille

Last weekend, Lolita Cortés exploded against the teacher Guille after the presentation of Fernanda and Cesia. The ‘Iron Judge’ could not help but question who had done the choreography, to which the teacher replied: “two people from my team”. From there, the judge and the teacher got into a heated discussion.

The ‘Iron Judge’ criticized the performance of the dancers saying: “ok, did you realize that it was worse than any children’s festival on Mother’s Day at 8 in the morning?”. But Guille was not silent so she replied: “oh well, it’s a matter of taste”.

However, Lolita refuted and told the teacher: “it’s not a matter of taste, it’s a matter of the level we are asking for week after week.”

The teacher no longer tolerated the judge’s words and asked her “what level do you mean?” so Lolita forcefully replied “at the level that dancers don’t have and then instead of helping the singers, they spoil it… I don’t know if they come from school, I don’t know if they haven’t eaten… I don’t understand”.

Finally, courteous lolita showed that the performance of the dancers is worse than 20 years ago:

What a shame that in a production like La Academia 20 years later we have worst dancers than the ones we had 15 years ago, What a shame is that a production like The Academy cannot give an answer about these choreographies that are embarrassing…”, concluded the ‘Iron Judge’.

Who is the teacher Guille Gómez?

The teacher Guille Gomez she owns the academy of dance ‘Danza 3’, on the school’s website is described as one of the best creative directors, which stands out for being artistic teacher and choreographer, for more than 20 years.

“Guille Gómez has been the creator of the largest and most recognized shows in Mexico; glorified for directing and putting together the most important reality shows in Mexico and in the world; he has also worked in very important national and international awards,” says the page of the school of which she is principal Guille teacher.

Reference from yucatan

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