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The 2022 Academy. Former participant exhibits voting fraud (VIDEO)

The 2022 Academy continues to generate controversy, and it is that after the return of several students to the reality show, other former participants were not very satisfied with the decision, since a well-known student accused TV Azteca of vote fraud and even asked that they no longer vote for she. Here the details.

The Academy 2022. Student denounces voting fraud

Throughout the past week, the director, Alexander Acha, had announced that one of the expelled students would have the opportunity to return, to take the place of Emilio, the young man who gave up because of the strong anxiety problems he was experiencing. The public voted and at the end of the night there was not one, but three chosen to take their place: Zunio, Eduardo and Isabela

However, everything seems to indicate that the viewers were not in charge of choosing the lucky ones, since one of the former academics denounced, through social networks, that everything was arranged by the production.

It is about Alejandra, who minutes before they ended the dynamic asked her followers not to vote for her anymore, because her return was never among the plans, she even assured that she already knew who would enter:

“Don’t vote for me anymore, we already know who is going to enter the house and I am very happy for that person, I love you all very much, but don’t vote for me anymore,” he said.

He also assured that he had evidence that the vote was always fixed, since several of his followers sent him screenshots and videos in which the application did not record the votes in his favor.

Until now, neither the producers nor the Azteca reality team have spoken about it, however, the fans of the program have already spoken out and demand an explanation, since they have also made it clear that the cards where the name of the expelled person should appear do not it is written, as Yahir accidentally showed it to the cameras.

It is worth mentioning that Jackie, another of the participants of The Academy who was expelled a couple of weeks ago, also denounced something similar, as she assured that the votes were not being counted and that at times, they dropped quite drastically.

Reference from yucatan

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