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‘That’s My Jam’ Sneak Peek: Watch Chance the Rapper Turn a Nelly Hit Into a Country Song!

'That's My Jam' Sneak Peek: Watch Chance the Rapper Turn a Nelly Hit Into a Country Song!

Chance the Rapper refuses to be put under pressure. Case study? Born in Chicago, she took on the challenge of singing Nelly’s bang “Hot In Herre” country rock style and delivered with a mic-drop performance.

A sneak peek at Jimmy Fallon’s new NBC variety series This is my jam, Chance is hired to sing Nelly’s 2002 hip-hop hit country rock after finishing in the Musical Genre Challenge category. After Fallon gives his instructions, Chance the Rapper exudes the same confidence and seriousness that he took on stage after scoring his goals first GRAMMY It was quick to work in 2017.

After spat out the first verse, the Chicago rapper had the crowd in his hand. After the performance, Fallon bows to the rapper before yelling, “Never, never, never in my life, never in my life did I think this would work, but it did!” Chance’s partner on the competition show, Joseph Gordon -Levitt is so blown away by the performance that he gets up from his seat and hugs the rapper with a thundering hug.

Josh Groban, partner of the Canadian sensation Alessia Cara, also takes off his proverbial hat after the performance. The fact that Chance was able to give “Hot in Herre” a country spin – coupled with the fact that its interpretation comes across as a skilfully produced country remix – is perhaps proof of the success that Nelly herself had with the genre.

A self-proclaimed country music lover, Nelly previously teamed up with Florida Georgia Line for “Cruise” and Tim McGraw for the mega-hit “Over and Over”. Earlier this year, Nelly released his nine-part country-influenced album. Heartland, the after ForbesHe was “his letter of thanks to the rural community for their support over the past 20 years”. The album featured some of the country’s biggest stars, including Darius Rucker and Kane Brown.

Chance the Rapper is just one of many This is my jam Moments that have already been knocked out of the park. ET had the exclusive first look back in November when Kate Hudson slammed out her version of Ariana Grande’s “7 Rings” and Terry Crews channeled his white chickens Character to sing Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles”.

This is my jam, which premieres on NBC Monday January 3rd, is Fallon’s latest experiment as the late-night TV host brings along some of his favorites Tonight show Games – along with new music, dance, and quiz challenges – to his new variety game show.

The game features two teams of celebrities competing for a charity of their choice with games like Launch the Mic, Air Guitar, Don’t Drop the Beat, Perfect Mash-Up, and Wheel of Impossible Karaoke “. . “

Fans got a taste of what was going to happen after a sneak episode of the show that aired in November The voice Trainers Ariana Grande, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Blake Shelton take on impressive karaoke challenges.


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