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That was the day Lolita Cortés resigned as director of ‘La Academia’; Why did she leave her position?

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The Academy 20 years every weekend he draws attention to the controversies that arise at concerts and a few days ago Lolita Cortés and Alexander Acha argued again. In the fight, the actress criticized the work of Emmanuel’s son as directorBefore this, the famous defended himself and recalled the occasion in which Lolita resigned from her position as the director of the seventh generation of reality.

From this, many people remembered the role of Lolita Cortés, who in 2009 took the reins of the seventh generation. His position was full of controversy, besides that she stood out for being a strict director and very committed to demonstrating the talent of her students on stage, however, she resigned.

The day Lolita Cortés resigned as director

Through TikTok, a video has circulated of the moment in which Lolita Cortés decides to resign as director of The academy. This clip shows the singer in a meeting with the teachers and some of the students, but everything starts to get out of control when Cortés starts arguing with one of the teachers.

“I’m tired Roberto, do you want to leave? Get out, Robert. Like you haven’t talked all day, you got me tired, shut up. I’m leaving, it’s over and they stay with another director and see what you do and talk to the producers, ”says Lolita Cortés and leaves the place where she is.

Without a doubt, this was news that was taken up in several programs, especially on TV Azteca. And for a while, the reason why Lilita Cortés resigned from her position was not understood. until she explained it herself.

Why did Lolita Cortés resign?

After what happened, reporters looked for Lola Cortés to explain the reasons why she left her role as director and He explained that the production of the program had not complied with some songs.

“He has not fulfilled my songs on time or my opening on time.”

On the other hand, criticism of The academy He pointed out that he did not see growth in his students and that the production asked him to It will shorten the rehearsal time of the contestants to carry out other activities with them.

Due to all these factors, Lolita Cortés said she was tired and preferred to give up reality, but in the next generation, the famous resumed the role of director.

As of the ninth generation, the actress stopped participating in the program and after several years of absence, finally this 2022 made his return to The academy as critical.


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