Home Entertainment “That Everything Will Be Alright”, Benny Ibarra & Laureno Brizuela Pairing (VIDEO)

“That Everything Will Be Alright”, Benny Ibarra & Laureno Brizuela Pairing (VIDEO)


“that everything will be alright” represents and has more meaning than the title of a song.

new single, Written and performed as a duet between Beni Ibarra and Loreno Brizuela, It is a call for hope to come forward in life full of confusion, especially in times of pandemic.

Laureno and Benny, two different generations

Benny and Loreno, icons of different chronological and musical generations, Unite your talents to make this topic solid Which will be formally introduced tomorrow, Friday, July 16.

Download songs and videos this Thursday, July 15 Exclusively premiered at the event that Paola Rojas hosts on TelevisaThis would be through contemporary music applications.

A “fairy” and a “timbirich”

Rock’s Angel “, The hero of numerous musical successes in the eighties of the last century, Makes a complete amalgamation with one of the most admired members of “Timbiriche”.

As a “little taste” and to leave the followers of both interpreters on edge, Paola Rojas asked him to broadcast a video of “That Everything is by OK” on open television.

they download videos from youtube

Although the video of the song was uploaded to YouTube by Laureno Brizuela on this Thursday, July 15, A few minutes later, almost after both musicians were interviewed with Paola Rojas, it is no longer available.

However, on his Twitter account, EHe posted a video promoting the launch of the theme song by the interpreter of “Shared Dreams”.

Benny Ibara also pours emotion on them

And Beni Ibara also did not lag behind, And also in his Twitter space he uploaded a promo for the single, but with the English title.

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