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Thalía thanked support for the “challenge” of ‘Marimar’: “We are having a good time”

Thalía thanked support for the “challenge” of ‘Marimar’ (Photo: Instagram/@thalia)

During the first week of August, the well-known Mexican interpreter Thalia reincarnated one of the characters that catapulted her to stardom when she changed back into the original dress she wore in Televisa for the successful melodrama, Marimar (1994) who starred alongside Edward Capetillo.

His representation quickly caused a furor among millions of users who celebrated the well-known 50-year-old actress, after the millions of comments received. came to do a challenge of the song of Marimar, which went viral TikTok.

This viral challenge consists of one person standing next to the other and just when a “scream” is heard, one of them pulls the other person’s hair. Due to the success that Thalía’s dynamics had through her Instagram account, she decided to publish a video in which showed his appreciation to his avid fans.

Thalía thanked her followers for supporting Marimar Photo: Instagram/@thalia
Thalía thanked her followers for supporting Marimar Photo: Instagram/@thalia

“Let’s talk about the videos of this ‘challenge’, darlings, I am really in love with all the videos that you are sharing, but above all that, that we are having a good time, that we are gathering to do Marimar’s mischief ‘challenge’ of pulling hair” evoked the singer of hits like Who Cares, Killing Y You did not teach me

Likewise, the also Mexican producer revealed that she was very happy to see all the people united with their loved ones and that the song of the successful production of TVto continue in their homes.

It was on August 1 when the one born in Mexico City shocked her fans by sharing a video through her account. Instagram where you can see him wearing the dress he used almost 30 years ago, for the character of Marimar. There he told that she had found among his things the original dress of the famous character so he did not hesitate to put it on.

The singer wore the original dress

“In my wildest dreams I never would have imagined that this character would be part of me during my life. And of course with good reason, since I put all my heart, passion and my personal style of how to create my ideal coastal girl, that is, a real part of me is embodied forever in each scene we filmed”, began the description of the viral video.

During her audiovisual material Thalía did not hesitate to talk about the preparation process she did to characterize herself as in the 90s, being quite a challenge because on the San Ángel television station.

“How magical, and how fortunate to be able to share these emotions with the original fans of our beauty, and with the new generation that is just discovering the rhythm of our beloved costañita in the challenges viral. I had a lot of fun doing it for all of you… although I have to admit, I also did it for myself… and I’m glad I had something hidden in my heart, ”she concluded.

Thalía recreated
Thalía recreated “Marimar” 28 years later with the original dress she wore on Televisa (Photos: Instagram/@thalia/@televisaespectaculos)

Marimar It is one of those favorite soap operas in the history of Televisa and it premiered just over 25 years ago. Under the seal of the San Ángel company, it had its first issue in the first half of 1994.

The production headed by Thalía was probably the most popular of the “Trilogy of the Marías” and was a total success, this novel launched the talented actress to international stardom.

At the end of 2021, 25 years of the successful production were celebrated, in this context, the main actors of the production met where they remembered the best moments within the melodrama as well as the great chemistry they established. Eduardo Capetillo and Thalia.


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