Texas school shooting: artists and athletes react to the tragedy

The deaths of 18 children and three adults at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, at the hands of a suspect who was barely of legal age, shocked the world and many celebrities added their voices to this new, dark episode in the recent history of the United States.

In a message addressed to his compatriots, President Joe Biden wondered when the American nation will face the issue of gun control that gives rise to tragedies that cost the lives of innocent people.

also some artists, show business producers and athletes reacted to the new tragedy that mourned dozens of homes in that small city, about 120 kilometers from the border with Mexico.

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What happened in Uvalde, Texas?

What Mega Media Group released, an 18-year-old man was identified as the shooter who killed 21 people, including 18 children, in an attack at Robb Elementary School in Uvaldewhich has an enrollment of fewer than 600 students.

The aggressor, according to police sources, a local resident, he had a pistol and possibly a rifle which he used to shoot and kill more than two dozen students and teachers at the school.

Although at first there was talk of 15 victims, 14 minors, later the Police specified that the number of people who lost their lives amounted to 18 children and three adultsand it was not clear whether there were also injuries.

What are we doing?, famous people ask

What in God’s name are we doing? This has to change! This nation is full of people who can’t control their worst impulses and the innocent always pay the price!” singer and actress Bette Midler wrote on Twitter.

And he hinted that in the United States some people who demonstrate against other important causes, “they love their weapons more than life”

The star of cinema and theater pointed out on his social networks to the governor of Texas Greg Abbot and asked if he was happy after another Twitter user revived an old message from Abbot’s time as a candidate.

When he posted that he felt “embarrassed” that Texas ranked second in gun purchases…and he wanted out first place.

Artists demand gun control in the US

“Enough is enough. Last week there was a mass shooting at a market in Buffalo and now a school shooting in Uvalde. Communities need to be safe in their grocery stores, our kids need to be safe in class!” This has to end,” Becky G shared. on his Twitter account.

At the same time, the musician Finneas, brother and producer of Billie Eilish, posted on his social media that “anyone saying ‘now is not a good time to talk about gun control’ he is not interested in the murder of children this day”.

“Gun control now. Stop the slaughter of the innocent“, is the blunt message that the author Stephen King sent through Twitter.

Athletes demonstrate for the tragedy

My thoughts and prayers are with the families of lost and injured loved ones at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas! Enough is enough!!!” shared basketball player LeBron James.

“These are children and we keep putting them in danger at school. At the school where he is supposed to be the safest!” Added the athlete.

The basketball star Michael Johnson was also outraged by the new tragedy: “21 families lost their innocent children today. This is now a typical day in America. Think about it. And it doesn’t have to be this way. Think why it is this way!” And think about what you can do about it.”

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