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Teresa Giudice claims Melissa Gorga begged Andy Cohen to be part of ‘RHONJ’ – Watch

Teresa Giudice claims Melissa Gorga begged Andy Cohen to be part of 'RHONJ' - Watch

Teresa Giudice and her sister-in-law Melissa Gorga were back to bickering over “RHUGT” as Teresa claimed Melissa would not stop “DMing” producer Andy Cohen for a spot on “RHONJ”.

Even if Real housewives from New Jersey stars Teresa giudice and Melissa Gorga have eased some of their tensions in the past, they seemed to be going back to where they started in the latest Bravo spin-off, Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip. The two women faced off in the third episode of the new show, in a clip you can see here, rehashing an old feud over how Melissa got a spot on the New Jersey show.

“Andy [Cohen] called me and said, ‘Your sister-in-law will not stop contacting me by DM. She wants to be a part of the show, ”Teresa said after their co-star, The real housewives of New York Star Singer Ramona broached the subject uncomfortable. “I never sent it to DM,” Melissa replied, “That’s what I’m telling you.”

Teresa Giudice & Melissa Gorga
Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga (Gregory Pace / Shutterstock)

Melissa went on to explain that the producers had “inboxed” her and “always contact all my friends” to research potential additions to the cast. She revealed details of the casting producers who contacted her on social media two seasons after Teresa joined the show in 2009. Teresa went on to explain that her problem was that she had heard the news of her casting. Andy’s sister-in-law vs. of Melissa herself.

“You and I weren’t friends at all. We weren’t talking, ”Melissa replied, referring to her then-estranged relationship with Teresa – an ongoing tension that also caused problems between Teresa and her brother. Joe gorga, to whom Melissa married in 2004. As Teresa has stated in the past, she reiterated on RHUGT that she didn’t originally support her brother and Melissa joining the show for its third season in 2011.

“To tell you the truth, I don’t remember why we weren’t talking – unless they were just mad that I didn’t put them on the show,” Teresa said, to which Melissa replied: “We didn’t want to be on the show that way. Deflated, Teresa conceded that she and Melissa ‘will never agree’ about the situation and what really happened.“ She has her story. J ‘I’ve got my story, “she said.” She’ll never admit it. “

Melissa Gorga & Teresa Giudice
Melissa Gorga & Teresa Giudice (BroadImage / Shutterstock)

“When they called me to interview me, [Bravo] then told you that, ”Melissa then told Teresa, alleging that her sister-in-law was aware of her brushes with the cast. “I didn’t know if we were going to do it or not. Of course we interviewed for the show and sure enough they wanted us, ”Melissa continued. “It’s a family show. Caroline [Manzo] was on the show, Dina [Manzo] was on the show. They want sisters-in-law. This is what they want.

Teresa went on to explain why at one point she didn’t care that her brother’s family was part of the RHONJ universe. “I was like, ‘I don’t want to fight with my family. “To me, family is everything,” she said, then recalling some of the main fights that happened between her and her loved ones on the show. “Look what happened!”

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