Tenoch Huerta talks about racism and network explodes (video)

Mexican actor Tenoch Huerta LeeStarted my new project “Extended version” On the YouTube platform, which was created to “stay sensible” in an epidemic and “use space to ask questions that no one wants to ask.”

Racism on television

In the first installment Huerta talks about racism on television, Both in Mexico, as in the entertainment industry and advertising in general.

“After being fully cast after Brown thief, brown stray, poor brown and dark brown, My other favorite hobby is pointing to the latent racism present in society, ”Huerta said during the presentation of her first video.

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Huerta, along with data and studies, along with Estefania Veloz and Pancho Mercury, highlight the racism present in the media, where most of the people who appear in the picture are whites, in a country where 60% of the population as brown She knows.

Apart from remembering Definition of racism, The actors defined concepts such as “international Latino”, the most sought-after presence in casting: blondes, but not whites or with light-colored eyes, but dark hair and eyes; They explain why race and racism are not really opposite.

During the video he recounts the case of actor Mauricio Martinez, who complained on Twitter that he was denied roles because he was white with green eyes.

Actor “Pigeon”

Another phenomenon they highlight is actors’ freezing in the entertainment industry, a practice in which actors are considered for certain roles – considering factors such as their presence – to reduce investment risk, Huerta explained. , Who exemplified that in the case of Dark Mexican actors dove into the roles of “fucking victim and thief”.

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Tenoch. Criticized for rain

The project, headed by Tenoch Huerta, has generated divided opinions between those who support the project and Huerta’s exhibition on racism, while others call it “self-conscious”.

Some Internet users assured that referring people with light skin color in this way is not the best way to resist racism and discrimination.

Tenoch Huerta has not commented on the matter, but will soon release other chapters.

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