Home Entertainment Tenoch Huerta sends out controversial tweet: “We are being followed”

Tenoch Huerta sends out controversial tweet: “We are being followed”

Tenoch Huerta polémico tuit

The actor caused renewed controversy after speaking out about the racism of which he continually claims to be a victim.

MEXICO CITY – Tenoch Huerta returned to arouse criticism against him after he a. had shared controversial message Through social networks. Used to “demonstrate” against racism With a text published on Twitter, he pointed out the seemingly “uncomfortable situations” that he believed go through “the blacks” (dark people) who visit the malls at this time of year.

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Tenoch tweets about the “Prietos”

The actor referred again to that Problems that Mexicans live Who likes him have dark skin tone and that have been stereotyped as People who have no economic resources or they are “thieves”.

In his intention, however, to want to speak against racism who live in Mexico, Tenoch shared a message on Twitter stressing that “blacks are being persecuted” and treated like criminals.

“The beautiful season has come when the prietos are followed in all shopping centers, they will ask us for the purchase tickets and check the bags […] His tweet says that he generated anger and criticism against him.

As expected, the users of the said social network attacked the actor and filled his publication with comments against him, saying that this type of message only shows that their problem goes beyond racism.

It should be noted that Huerta was implicated in the scandal last September by speaking referred to as racist for the distribution of a cartoon that showed the influencer Jesús Rendón “Tumbaburros” as a gorilla.

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Tenoch Huerta, activist against racism and discrimination?

Besides being an actor Tenoch Huerta defines himself as an activist who fights because Racism and discrimination are made visible suffer from dark-skinned people, “los prietos” (as they are called) in Mexico and the world.

Last May, the actor sponsored a campaign against racism in Mexicowhich he called “Black Power” and which was meant to be Remember the pride that it means to be brown.

In addition, the aim of this movement is that Stop giving histriones with that color of skin lower characters, “Thieves and Gandallas”, although they actually exist successful professionals with this tonality and it is not reflected in the productions.

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