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Tenoch Huerta says that “forced inclusion” does not exist

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In recent months and with the arrival of new franchises in Hollywood, more and more is being heard on social networks, some users complaining about “forced inclusion”. This complaint arises mainly by including non-white or non-heterosexual characters, in some cases it has also arisen by giving prominence to women.

Tenoch Huerta spoke about this issue and denied that this concept existed and affirms that it has no real basis. The name of this popular actor has been trending for a few days after being confirmed as part of the cast of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, but also thanks to his denunciations of racism in Mexico.

In an interview for the Wanna Geeks podcast, the actor was questioned about “forced inclusion”, to which Tenoch replied:

If it seems forced inclusion to us to see an LGBTQ person because they had never seen them, despite the fact that they are quite common on the street, then since you have never seen them, now that you see them it seems forced inclusion. No, dude, it’s just putting on screen what already existed on the street, only it wasn’t seen, and that’s the whole thing.”

He took advantage of the space to criticize the film industry in Mexico, since he assures that directors and producers replicate the same standards of “privileged whites”.

“Why do all the stories have to happen in the Countess? Aren’t there more colonies in CdMx? Aren’t there more cities than CdMx? Aren’t there more states than CdMx? Obviously if producers, directors , writers, producers and directors belong to whiteness, they are going to talk about whiteness, because it is the only thing they understand, the only thing they know and it is what they belong to, “he mentioned.


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