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Tenoch Huerta causes controversy – El Diario de Yucatan

Tenoch Huerta causes controversy - El Diario de Yucatan

Split opinions with a series on racism

MEXICO CITY (EFE) .- “Mexico is a racist country that denies being racist”, one of the conclusions reached by actor Tenoch Huerta in a virtual series with which he tries to reflect on racism and network What is the reason for the dispute in

The project “Racism: The Problem that Mexico Doesn’t Want to See” is the first chapter of the “Extended Edition”, led by Huerta, which is broadcast on YouTube and with which the actor seeks to address various social issues.

Along with presenter and activist Estefania Veloz and political scientist Pancha Para, Huerta addresses social problems facing the country through statistical data, research and multimedia resources.

The series defines what racism is and explains why it cannot be given “another way”. It also reviews the history of Mexico, from the time of the Spanish colony through the caste system, to the racism established in the media today and how it affects the actual perception of society.

Tenoch Huerta also talks about his personal experiences as an actor in films and series and how difficult it has been to cope with the stereotype in his career, a situation whereby many other actors turn black.

The network did not condone Mexican efforts to deal with the problem, as Internet users and personalities attacked the actor and his teammates for their work. One of the situations that caused the most anger was that in the series he used the term “whitetrash” (white trash) to describe actors and television presenters with fair skin.

One Twitter user said, “Tenoch Huerta is for racism that Estefania Veloz is for feminism: they pretend they are activists, but they actually exploit the issue to make money.”

About a year after presenter Chumel Torres took part in a forum on racism, Tenoch sent a sarcastic and sarcastic message: “If we can turn Tenoch’s frustration into energy we will become Sweden,” Torres said.

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