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Ten Christmas classics that can move you to tears

Ten Christmas classics that can move you to tears

Although the Christmas spirit has gripped most of the people since December 1st; the Christmas Day without a doubt, it is an opportunity to share with family and at home. But it’s also an opportunity to meet and remember everyone in front of the TV what is the real meaning of the holidays.

Film and television were responsible for Maintain the catalog of options so that the same can be done enjoy with the family than alone. on this listing find from some classics to novelties that have been won the affection of the audience.

The legend of Klaus

The film by 2019whose voices in Spanish from. to provide Sebastian Yatra (as Jesper) and Joaquin Cosio (Klaus), is one of the new Christmas films that enchants the hearts of the audience.

The story follows Jesperwho comes to a city whose families live in perpetual conflicts, which makes his job as a postman difficult.

In his eagerness to leave the place Jerper meets Klaus, a woodcutter with whom he enters into a peculiar alliance Deliver toys to childrenthat sets off a chain reaction of good deeds. The story has several twinks the legend of Santa Claus.

Scrooge’s ghosts

This film was inspired by a classic Christmas storyIt’s a must of the season. The original voice is on behalf of Jim Carrey, Aside from that the animation is inspired by his own face.

In Mexico, Directed by Mario Castañeda (Carrey’s official voice), but this time the voice of the protagonist Humberto Solórzano.

The film tells of the visit of the ghosts who try to save the soul of the greedy Ebenezer Scrooge, through his own life and how he lived it Family celebrations far from their meaning. It’s a classic that teaches kids the real meaning of family vacations.

Christmas story or Mickey’s Christmas

This film that Disney was launched in 1983 It is a classic for children to know the story of Ebenezer Scrooge.

Here lDisney characters It is you who face the classic story with Gilito McPato as Ebenezer Scrooge and Mickey mouse as your loyal co-worker.

Miracle on 34th Street

The little one Susanne (Mara Wilson, protagonist of “Matilda”) is a little realist who does not believe in the existence of Santa Clausuntil his life and that of his mother Dorey arrive Kris Kringle (Richard Attenborough), a man who really looks like the real Santa Claus.

After Kris is accused of fraud, the city turns to the trial and builds around an atmosphere of faith and hopelike all of New York City thinks Kris really is Santa Claus.


Jim Carrey He is one of the favorite actors of many, and perhaps this versatility makes some of his films a hit, as it did with him “The Ghosts of Scrooge”.

In this film, the actor brings to life the Grinch, the curious, bitter green creature who hates Christmas, but thanks to little Cindy, he decides to trust that there is still good in the world.

on 2018, a new version of this story was presented, but animated, with the voice of Eugenio Derbez.

The strange world of Jack

While this Tim Burton movie is starring Jack the King of Halloween, actually this character is drawn to Christmas, so plan kidnap Santa Clausto be the one to deliver the gifts.

However, his idea of ​​gifts is actually creepy.

Santa Claus

Finally we come to a classic of the mexican cinema, this film from 1959 plays the main role Jose Elias Moreno, José Luis Aguirre and Armando Arreola.

Santa works in space, howeveror this Christmas he’ll have to face a mischievous demon who was sent to earth by Lucifer himself with it Forcing children to misconduct and therefore they cannot receive their gifts.

Although the film is a classicwho have favourited year after year in. is broadcast open television in MexicoMany do not know him yet, so it would be a good opportunity to “play” and reunite the family.

My poor angel

This list would not be complete if we did not remember other productions that have become the usual program of the Christmas holidays, such as “My poor angel”, In the main role Macaulay Culkin.

Besides being a funny comedy in which Kevin, the protagonist, faces two “foolish” thieves; the film also takes the courage together Christmas as a family and forgets the differences, because although children and parents disagree on some things, it will always be easier to find out things together.

“The Promised Gift”

The film with Arnold Schwarzenegger is a comedy of situations that escalate after a father – busy with work stress – forgets the promise to buy the gift that his son is waiting for Christmas.

This comedy is another of the Free TV classic, but also shows the mishaps that many parents may make today they identify and are clear about it, even if it was at the last minute, They would do anything to get a promised present for their little oneto see their happy faces.

“The Origin of the Guardians”.

This DreamWorks movie brings together several of the characters who live in imagination of traditions, such as: Easter bunny, tooth fairy and Santa Claus, who has to face Coco as the villain. For this they have the help of Jack Frost.

It is a film that can move both children and adults as it reminds them of the importance and value of continuing to believe.

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