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”Tell me now” in Mérida: Televisa hosts cook papadzules (VIDEO)

Tell me now!program of Televisathis in Merida and broadcast this Wednesday from the Great Museum of the Mayan World. The drivers SOfía Escobosa, Cynthia Urías, Vielka ValenzuelOh Yucatecan Wendy Braga, They were presenting the program from said facilities, they wore typical Yucatan clothing and even they cooked some delicious papadzules. Here the photos and videos.

It is worth mentioning that the other presenters of this program such as Roxana Castellanos, Odalys Ramírez, Michelle Vieth will not be present; So far the reasons are unknown.

“Tell me now” in Mérida: Broadcast from the Mayan World Museum

Wendy Braga, well-known Yucatecan driver who works in “Tell me now”, was in charge of introduce one of the most famous typical dishes in the Peninsula, the papadzuleswhich They are prepared based on nugget and egg.

Accompanied by Yucatecan chef Carlos Guillermo and chef Omar Sandoval, was that Wendy Braga assured that Yucatan is not only a great destination to visit but also to enjoy its delicious food and gastronomy, which is undoubtedly one of the most famous and unique in our country.

Prior to the broadcast, all the drivers uploaded stories and photos from your arrival at Mérida Airport and once being ready to record live from the museum of the Mayan world. Even, Cynthia Urías expressed on social networks «Up Yucatán! We are happy to be here… the rain welcomed us, a rare thing, but very comfortable».

For its part, Yucatecan Wendy Braga went up one photo wearing a suittypical costume of Yucatan, showing off how proud she is of her culture and roots and also, being very happy to return to her state.

Here the photos of “Cuéntamelo ya” in Mérida

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