Home Entertainment Televisa: Galilea Montijo is not included in the New Year celebration

Televisa: Galilea Montijo is not included in the New Year celebration

Galilea escándalos que la dejan fuera del programa de Televisa

Televisa executives would have excluded Galilea Montijo from a special in which she has been the outstanding host for several years.

MEXICO CITY – Galilea Montijowho is one of the most famous faces of TV with 14 years in the “Hoy” program, for the first time it would have been “despised” by top managers of the television station that is being speculated about, it comes from one Special program End of year.

Likewise, it is rumored that the reason Televisa did not consider this in its special offer is due to the recent ones controversy unleashed after the publication of the journalist book Anabel Hernandez: “Emma and the other ladies of the Narco”, the same in which the alleged one sentimental relationship that Galilee quarreled with the drug dealer Arturo Beltran Leyva also known as “El Barbas”.

Televisa: Galilea Montijo Is Not Included In The New Year Celebration - Light Home News

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Televisa “runs” to Galilea Montijo

It was on the YouTube channel Chacaleo in which it was stated that Galilea Montijo became from the New Year’s Eve special from TV. This “contempt” is supposedly due to his “bad image”, which he currently carries after various Scandals that have arisen.

It is important to note this decision a hard blow to Guadalajara, who has been with the company for 26 years and has been one of the outstanding moderators of the year-end program that the San Ángel TV channel prepares every year.

But as mentioned in that ChacaleoIt turned out that Galilea was initially one of the drivers who would get the new year for the company, but because of the recurring scandals, neither she nor senior officials insisted on this option.

“Although he called her to the telethon, Considered television last minute do not invite Galilea Montijo so that it was Host your event with reason of the new year, indicating that the moderator is already blacklisted from the TV station, “read a video posted on YouTube.

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Outside Televisa Where will Galilea Montijo spend the New Year?

The YouTube channel mentioned that ‘Gali’ was expected to spend the end of the year with his family in Acapulco, hoping to “recharge your batteries Health and rest his image “, after several Scandals against his person.

The video also shows that the Guadalajara is “no longer the favorite of San Ángel”, although the driver categorically denied the attacks against her and even defended herself with tears on her face TV I’d rather get it out of the way for the rest of the year.

He allegedly reported this in Chacaleo TV I would have invested a lot in her and therefore they would not think about sending her to the bank permanently, but if she does not manage to clean up her image, she would still “have reserves”.

It should be noted that so far everything mentioned in the YouTube video remains speculative as neither the host nor the broadcaster have confirmed what is in the recording.

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