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Telefe will enliven your summer mornings with a stainless classic: Married with children

Telefe will enliven your summer mornings with a stainless classic: Married with children

16 years after its premiere, Telefe open the year with Married with kids to liven up the mornings: there is no doubt that the sitcom starring Guillermo Francella Y Florence Peña it’s still a yielding wild card, with no expiration date.

The channel arranged that the most repeated repetitions of Argentine television now go from Monday to Friday in the morning, from January 3 of 2022.

His resounding success is surprising on existential levels. Some say it is enough only with Francella. The truth is that people never seem to tire of seeing Married with kids. Telefe repeats it since 2007, alternating episodes at random at any time without ruling out the prime time.

How does the empire this show became work? Axel Kuschevatzky, one of the authors / screenwriters told Clarion -two years ago- that in the genesis is The babysitter: Fran Drescher’s “lullaby” was bought by Telefe at a very low cost, as a possible can to beat Lucho Avilés’ gossip cycle, Indiscretions.

The Argento: Luisana Lopilato, Guillermo Francella, Florencia Peña And Darío Lopilato.

The Argento: Luisana Lopilato, Guillermo Francella, Florencia Peña and Darío Lopilato.

Some time later came the Argentine adaptation of that sitcom, with Florencia Peña. From that rib, the prehistory of Casados

“With the leading duo already immovable, it was necessary to convince Luisana Lopilato for a character more played than what he had been doing. Someone commented that his brother acted, and Darío went to casting. He also went to a camera test Erica Rivas, which instantly snagged a joke that other actresses missed. Thus was born that selection of great comedians“Kuschevatzky said.

The numbers of the phenomenon

More of 40 actors, 212 chapters, four Martin Fierro. Our comedy took place in Bajo Flores.

When it premiered, the April 12, 2005, Telefe emitted another American adaptation that few already remember, Who is the boss?, with Gianella Neyra, Nicolas Vazquez Y Carmen Barbieri. The average rating for the first year was 17.7 points.

Erica Rivas And Flor Peña, Two Of The Protagonists Of The Strip, But Not Of The Theatrical Version, Since Rivas Dropped Out Of The Project.

Erica Rivas and Flor Peña, two of the protagonists of the strip, but not of the theatrical version, since Rivas dropped out of the project.

Replay greatly improved those numbers. There was a seven-month hiatus between the first and second seasons. When the second part arrived, Flor Peña was recording simultaneously Bewitched. On December 28, 2006 the last episode was issued. That day Pablo Echarri appeared as a guest and the rating climbed to 29.2.

For the second season, the set of the series had been disassembled and removed from the place because other series were filmed there. The setting for the set had to be reassembled and the cast reunited.

In the first chapter of the second season, when Pepe Argento returns from the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany, he tells the lived story, and when he sees the new set, similar to the original but not in its entirety, he adds: “Didn’t you find the set from the previous year?”

For Florence Peña the Argento represented “a certain family liberation” doing and saying things “that are not normally said, not because they are not thought, but because socially it is not well seen”. In an old interview with Page 12, she believed that the program should not end in comedy because important and not at all light topics were touched on “such as the family isolation, the distance between desire and reality. Popular humor is often confused with triviality”.

The truth is that the formula seems never to run out. Because, every time they repeat a chapter, the rating needle goes up. We will see if in strip format, from 9.30 in the morning, it works again.

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