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Telefe Renews Its Morning Today With Georgina Barbarossa and Ariel Rodriguez Palacios

Starting today, Monday, June 13, Telefe will have new morning programming, including two premier magazines for that time slot. In both, the kitchen will be one of the strong points.

He debuted at 9.30 for Barbarossa, a cycle led by Georgina Barbarossa that will feature news, recipes and lots of humor. and at 11.15 it will start ariel in her sauceNew event hosted by Chef Ariel Rodriguez Palacios.

Georgina Barbarossa During her time on "MasterChef Celebrity La Revancha", from Monday the 13th she hosts "A La Barbarossa" on Telefe.

Georgina Barbarossa During her time on “MasterChef Celebrity La Revancha”, from Monday the 13th she hosts “A La Barbarossa” on Telefe.

for Barbarossa

Georgina Barbarossa won’t be alone, with the actress being a panel composed of Nancy Pazos, Paulo Cablan, Noelia Antonelli, Leo Pecorro and Annalia Francine, to discuss the most important issues of the day. Except for Pecoraro, who is now joining us, they were all already part of team flowerThe show which occupied that time slot on the channel and which bid goodbye to the screens last Friday.

Responding to the format of the morning magazine, for BarbarossaThere will also be live mobiles in various places where important news is happening and it will be in charge of Roberto Funes Ugarte.

There will also be a cooking segment with Chef Rodrigo Cascone (who is in) Morphy’s Rock, on the same channel on Sundays). Rodrigo will teach how to make easy and practical recipes.

Georgina’s arrival on telefic screens was delayed for several months, ever since on the appearance of the actress. Master Chef Celebrity 2Last year, where he was a finalist (and this year for the rematch edition), he was offered his place in programming.

Even the actress had removed Flor Pea team flower When she was shooting for a film and it was speculated that she would be in charge of that cycle.

But the timing was extended and although Pea had relinquished his place in the lead and it was Denis Dumas who held the position until last Friday, at the end and after many twists and turns, Barbarossa finished the arrival on Telefe with his schedule. gave form. In the new proposal, of course, in addition to driving, they’ll be encouraged to prepare recipes they’ve learned after their time on the cooking reality show.

ariel in her sauce

Ariel Rodriguez Palacios (Instagram) went from Elnueve to Telefe and started Monday with "Ariel en su salsa."

Ariel Rodriguez Palacios (Instagram) went from Elnueve to Telefe and started Monday with “Ariel en su salsa.”

will then arrive at 11.15 ariel in her sauceWith the landing of Chef Ariel Rodriguez Palacios, who after thirteen years in Elnuave, with the first 9. the kitchen of and the last seven, with is it morningJumped for Telefe.

Rodriguez Palacios will compete during the first half hour of his new schedule with his previous cycle in competition now in charge of his colleague Guillermo Calabrese.

The chef will be in charge of a series where, in addition to his own recipes, various current and humorous sections will be added. And he won’t be alone either: he will be accompanied by Micah Visconte, Nicolas Peralta, and his son Felipe, who is also a chef. As a curiosity, ariel in her sauce It will run from Monday to Saturday.

Rodriguez Palacios trained as a chef at the famous Le Cordon Bleu school in Buenos Aires and Paris, in France, and at the Ritz Escoffier school specializing in pastry. In addition, he worked with Pierre Hermé, a pastry chef in that city, one of the most famous in the world.

With the main focus on the kitchen, ariel in her sauce It will feature new dishes and traditional dishes created with the touch of Rodriguez Palacios and his son, just as he was doing last year.


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