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Taylor Swift representatives respond to ‘apparently wrong’ private jet use backlash

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Taylor Swift’s reps are speaking on behalf of the singer after a study conducted by a digital marketing firm received backlash, Yardwhich claimed that flights taken by its private jet emitted 8,293.54 metric tons of carbon in the past seven months, which the study found, “1,184.8 times the total annual emissions of the average person.”

Swift’s rep told ET that Swift isn’t on all of those rides, in fact, she hasn’t even been on most of them.

A spokesperson for the “Bad Blood” singer said, “Taylor’s jets are regularly loaned out to other individuals. It is absolutely wrong to attribute most or all of these trips to her.”

The study, which cited information from its Twitter account, Celebrity Jets, claimed that Swift’s aircraft made more than 170 trips since the start of the year, racking up 22,923 minutes in the air. The study also alleged that his plane had an average flight time of about 80 minutes and traveled about 139.36 miles, with the plane’s shortest flight – the trip from Missouri to Nashville – in just 36 minutes.

While it’s not clear who is taking these flights, Swift has recently been spotted in London and Los Angeles, so she may be doing some travel.

Twitter users reacted the most, with many calling out the environmental impact of these short trips.

“Very much – absolutely appalling – considering that his plane has been doing a lot of short hops over the past few weeks. There really should be some environmental care in this instance, @taylorswift13,” wrote one user , while another tweeted, “Oh wow, the world and the ozone layer are never coming back together at this rate…”

Another user came to Swift’s defense, claiming that the jet in question isn’t actually the one the 32-year-old singer is used to.

Swift isn’t the only big name mentioned in the study. Kylie Jenner’s jet use was also mentioned, after earlier this month, Jenner shared a photo of herself and her boyfriend, Travis Scott’s private planes. The photo showed Jenner and Scott hugging in front of Jet with a caption that read, “You want to have mine or yours?”

The photo quickly went viral after a celeb jets account publicized a 17-minute flight allegedly taken from her private jet, though it’s unclear whether the makeup mogul was onboard.

The study also shared the alleged flight logs of Tom Cruise, Steven Spielberg, A-Rod and a few other celebs.

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