Home Entertainment Taylor Swift re-recorded a Christmas hit with a 70-piece orchestra

Taylor Swift re-recorded a Christmas hit with a 70-piece orchestra

Taylor Swift re-recorded a Christmas hit with a 70-piece orchestra

Taylor Swift published a new version of the song on Monday Christmas Tree Farm, the Christmas success that recorded in 2019 and is now reissuing with the support of an orchestra of seventy musicians, just in time for the end of the year parties.

The theme, described as Old Timey Version by the American, was recorded at the legendary Abbey Road studios in London. String instruments, horns, and rattling sounds sound along with the voice of the winner of eleven Grammy Awards.

“This version is amazing because it feels like a more relaxed Christmas feeling, like do all your shopping and relax by the fire, and it’s definitely that old-school Christmas feeling, “the interpreter told the Amazon Music platform, which published the single exclusively.

Taylor Swift Renewed The Christmas Song She Had Recorded In 2019. Afp Photo

Taylor Swift renewed the Christmas song she had recorded in 2019. AFP Photo

The original song is inspired by Swift’s youth, years when she grew up on a Christmas tree farm in Pennsylvania, and was written while celebrating the Holidays with her family.

Net, the antecedent

The publication of this Christmas single comes after the singer released on November 12 the new recording of Red, her fourth studio album originally published in 2012. Its rework includes a ten-minute version of All Too Well, in addition to unreleased songs.

The artist’s decision to re-record her first albums is due to the fact that her catalog was caught in a commercial maneuver that left her out of any power to control her own work, that it is in the hands of someone completely unrelated to your career.

Faced with this situation, which she assumed as a violation of her rights, the singer used the networks as an amplifier of her anger and, also, of the management and mismanagement that in some cases involves the record companies. But also, by inciting her followers to buy her new version of her first albums, the artist hit the most sensitive target in the industry: billing.

Red, That Taylor Swift Album From 2012

Red, that Taylor Swift album from 2012

Antipatriarchal and successful

For Taylor Swift, 31, re-recording Net it also meant addressing that matterl without abiding by the rules imposed from the marketing departments of the companys, and now aims against machismo without half measures, proclaiming: “Fuck The Patriarchy” (“Fuck the patriarchy”), in his Net reworked.

That relief is part of the lyrics that contains the extended version of All Too Well, with which the new recording of one of the most important albums of his career, the one with whom he began to rebel against the most stale of old Nashville.

In the commercial, Net it was a success, as it repeated for the third time in a row the feat of dispatching more than a million copies in its first week on the market. What’s more, made it to the # 1 spot on the Billboard 200 chart, and in this way it became Swift’s tenth album to climb to the top of that list of the specialized magazine.

Taylor Swift Found Her Way Around To Put The Record Industry In Trouble.  Afp Photo

Taylor Swift found her way around to put the record industry in trouble. AFP photo

Christmas amazon

The Amazon Music platform announced earlier this month the publication of original songs and versions of Christmas classics as part of its Amazon Original label. Between them figure I’ll Be Home for Christmas in the voice of Camila Cabello, with mariachi arrangements.

These launches also include Christmas letter, by Panamanian Sech, as well as a version of Last christmasby the Mexican pop-rock trio Reik.

Marcos Witt and his daughter Elena Witt-Guerra interpret a version in “Spanglish” of Silent Night / Santa la Noche (O Holy Night), while the Spanish band La Oreja de Van Gogh contributes a version of White Christmas.

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