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Taylor Hawkins’ Son Pays Tribute To His Father By Playing ‘My Hero’; he “he is a member of our family”

On March 25, Foo Fighters drummer, Taylor Hawkins, died suddenly during a tour of the band held in Bogotá, Colombia. After five months, the long-awaited concert was held in memory of him.

This September 3the emblematic Wembley Stadium, hosted the tribute concertwhere dozens of artists, friends, colleagues and colleagues of Hawkins appeared for an unforgettable concert.

Dave Grohl gives emotional speech in tribute to Taylor Hawkins: “Make noise so he can hear us”

“Tonight we come together to celebrate the life, music and love of our dear friend, bandmate and brother, Taylor Hawkins.. Those who knew him personally know that no one could make you smile, laugh, dance or sing like him. And those who admire him, I’m sure felt the same. So tonight we come together with our family and their closest friends, their musical heroes and biggest inspirations to bring you a giant night for a giant person,” said Dave Grohl.

Elton John, Billie Eilish, Paul McCartney, Brian May, Lars Ulrich, Brian Johnson, Slash, andAmong many others they were part of this great concert in which they paid tribute to the memory of the great drummer.

The appearance of the son of Taylor Hawkins

After dozens of emotional songs and speeches, the climax came at the close of the show when the Foo Fighters vocalist announced Shane Hawkins, son of the deceased drummer, to perform my herowhich caused a standing ovation from the audience.

“We have one more drummer to come and play with us tonight. I don’t think they’ve ever seen anyone play drums like him. He is a member of our family, it is very special that he is with all of us tonight. Ladies and gentlemen, with you Shane Hawkins.”

At the end and after almost six hours of concert, Dave thanked the attendees for being present on this night in memory of Taylor. “I hope you felt the love from all of us because we felt it from you for Taylor tonight.”


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