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Taraji P. Henson calls Supreme Court to initiate 2022 BET awards: ‘Guns have more rights than a woman’

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Taraji P. Henson hosted this year BET Rewards For the second time in a row in style! The actress served as Emmys of the night and used the opportunity to show love for some of the iconic black men and women who have influenced pop culture.

purple colour The actress took to the stage at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles and enthralled audiences with an unforgettable opening monologue that, amid the entire festivities, over the weekend, Roe v. drew attention to the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Wade.

Walking across the stage in a stunning sparkling gold gown and short black bob, Henson began her monologue showing her love for black excellence by addressing her kings and queens in the audience on “Culture’s Greatest Night.”

“Thank you. Well, you all. Oh my god. Kings and queens, stand up. This night is for you, baby. We’re back out. Yep, how do you do it. Welcome to the 20222 BET Awards! Me I’m your host, Taraji P. Henson. You all can sit. Sit down. Relax. It’s the biggest night of the culture and look at you all. Back excellence y’all,” Henson said.

She continued, “I see you kings, just shining. I see you queens, shining. Look, you’re all making the biggest night of culture look like a room full of luxury. You successful, expensive Look, you look like you can afford these gas prices. We’re going to celebrate, recognize and honor that and whatever we do.”

Henson then reminded the audience and at home, the power of the BET Awards and its celebration of the black community.

“Remind us tonight that we don’t need any other show appreciation we can give ourselves. This night is for my kings, black people. We love you. We hear you. And throughout the show We’re going to celebrate you.”

Taraji P. Henson
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

He hailed his body positivity and his philanthropy, after donating $1 million to Planned Parenthood amid a Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v. Wade on the show with his jaw-dropping performance of “About Damn Time.” Kudos to Lizzo for opening up.

Henson shared, “Thanks for the wonderful Lizzo, right? That’s how you start a show! Here’s the body positivity. Plus, Lizzo, thanks for pledging $1 million to Planned Parenthood.” ” “And you’re right that it’s high time we step into our power. It’s time we talk about the fact that there are more rights to guns than a woman. It’s a time in America.” It’s a sad day.”

He said, “A weapon that can kill has more power than a woman who can kill if she so desires.”

White Henson’s opener addressed last weekend’s influential issues, including some jokes, with the actress congratulating Rihanna while urging the new mom to return to music.

“Speaking of giving life, Rihanna. She’s had a baby, that’s right. Congratulations on becoming a mom. Put Revlon out of business. You’re shining like a diamond,” Henson briefly sang to the tune of RiRi said before breaking. Diamonds.”

Henson quipped, “Back to rhyme, we need your rhymes, Rihanna. We need you.”

He also took the time to honor Diddy Combs, who is being honored with BET’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

“Congratulations my fellow bison brother didi,” he said of the fellow Howard alum. “I didn’t know Sister in Howard personally, but I remember seeing that name floating around. Everyone knew her as Puff, and everyone knew about this apprentice in town. His parties were lit up. They were as great as they are today. All the celebrities were there.”

Taraji P. Henson
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Henson continued, “Yeah, I never went to one of those parties. You must have at least two pairs of bamboo earrings. I was in college. I didn’t have the money. I only had one pair.” Whether you call him Shawn, Diddy, Puff Daddy or Mr. Combs, he’s always been in his class so tonight he’s the honored recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award. And it’s about time.”

She once again applauded the audience and celebrated all the melanin in the room before launching into the first awards show.

ET spoke with the actress before she took the stage on Sunday night, and she teased how she “called some friends over” for this year’s celebrations. “I want to keep it a surprise because it’s a moment that I envisioned in the show… it’s going to be quite mythical,” she teased. “I like shocking people. You know, you have to start these shows with a high energy, or you’ll lose the audience. So, trust me, it’s going to be incredible again.”

“Last year, we focused our energies on loving women. I think guys deserve some love this year,” he said.

But it’s no surprise that Henson has had many costume changes! “I feel [there are] 15 or 14,” she admitted, comparing the changes to her days in theatre. “It’s not me, it’s my team! They want to get ahead of themselves.”

Connie Orlando and Jayne Rouzan-Clay, who are executive producers for the annual awards show, told ET that Henson was always the first choice for this year’s host.

“I think we asked her three minutes after we ended last year’s show because she’s so extraordinary and she’s the queen of multihats,” Orlando said. “She can do anything — she’s done everything, and this is the perfect home for her.”

Roogen-Clay echoed this sentiment, saying, “It’s always great when you have a host who engages not only with the show but with the culture and resonates with our audience. I think That’s what Connie is talking about when she says right after last year’s show, we knew we had to invite [Henson] Back because it got such a great response from our audience at home and the audience here. I mean, everyone loves her and there was nothing she can’t do… we’re so excited to have her back this year.”

For more information on this year’s BET Awards, check out the links below. Check out the full winners list here!

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