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Tania Rincón leaves ‘Hoy’ temporarily motorists fired her: “years back she wasn’t in which she needed to be”

Tanya Rincon, well known host of today program, mentioned goodbye to the early morning broadcast for a while. the television star He committed psychological text to his companions. Will it be non permanent or lasting?

It was during the currently plan of tv, wherever the motorists mentioned goodbye to the renowned.

Tania Rincón will go to the 2022 Qatar World Cup (Instagram)

Tania Rincón will go to the 2022 Qatar World Cup (Instagram)

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Why is Tania Rincón leaving the Hoy method?

In a forum room, Galilea Montijo, Paul Stanley, Andrea Legarreta, Andrea Escalona announced that for a couple of days, Tania Rincón will leave the message boards.And it is that the former driver of occur the joy He is heading to the Environment Cup in Qatar.

They noted that it would get roughly 40 days for the driver to return to the right now program from Televisa.

About, Tania Rincón pointed out that she was extremely enthusiastic of this new electoral problem:

“Qatar signifies a qualified obstacle, for me it is quite enjoyable to go to a Earth Cup, a Earth Cup represents a cherry on the cake skillfully talking,” reported Tania Rincón.

Tanya Rincon.  (instagram)

Tanya Rincon. (instagram)

In this sense, the driver from Michoacán pointed out that she was incredibly grateful for the colleagues she has in the Hoy system.

Specially, she thanked the producer Andrea Rodríguez and Alejandro Benitez for letting her skip these days.

“Four decades back I was sitting down at house, coming to a total cease in my qualified lifetime and wanting to know what is going to materialize? I was not in the spot where I want to be, skillfully there was a good deal of uncertainty and appropriate now I am turning to be in the discussion board with you, with all of you that I treasure and love…”, concluded Tania Rincón

In this regard, Galilea Montijo wished him considerably success when Andrea Legarreta joked that they will stay on the discussion board.

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