Home Entertainment Tania Rincon “comes out” an obscenity in full broadcast

Tania Rincon “comes out” an obscenity in full broadcast

Tania Rincón dice una vulgaridad

Mexico City.- Tania Rincon, Hoy forgot the protocol of national television in front of a mental skills game in the program Use the word “mecos” Within words that refer to “sticky things”.

Early in the morning, the driver was facing one of his accomplices, Paul Stanley. they both had to point Substance with a viscous consistency. Those mentioned by the presenters were snot, gel, oil, gum, jelly, gel, slime, gummies and cake. but the one who riotedamong his comrades, The expression was “mecos”.


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From there, Stanley showed his surprise through laughter and stunned expressions with the other drivers. it was so Tania’s face initially competitive He started getting worried.

La Piedad de Cabadas, a native of Michoacán, stress break With a loud question: “If I come tomorrow?”. At the end of the competition, Raul Araiza, the moderator of the game, gave Tania Rincona wins: “We are your fans”, they assured, while Andrea Escalona and Galilea Montijo prepared to participate in the next round.

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