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Talina Fernández defends Coco Levy from accusations of sexual harassment: “Scapegoat”

After the accusations against Coco Levy for sexual harassment, the producer’s mother, the host Talina Fernandez, came out in his defense during an interview for the entertainment program windowing.

It’s called a scapegoat, right? I feel deeply proud of my children and deeply grateful to life, ”said the famous woman about the accusations against her descendant, which already cost her the dismissal of the Videocine company.

Talina Fernández announces that she was left without a job: “they sent us to the club”

Talina pointed out that “the feminists, which I put in quotation marks, what they are doing is revenge for the 10 thousand years of patriarchy; now they are going to get angry, they are going to unite and take revenge, and unfortunately it was my son’s turn”.

“I don’t know if this little girl (Danna Ponce) wanted money or what. Coco has a clear conscience; she has affected him, for now he was fired without any pay, they did not pay him for the 30 years of work he has been doing. So, he is left without a job, with his name on the ground and without money. we’re not having a good time”, he added

About the air going off of your radio show, Blah Blah Blah!commented on what they told him “that the sponsor was restructuring his company and for the moment he was not going to pay us, and this radio station was not taking a penny out of his pocket, because he was paying us 30 percent of what that the sponsor paid him, that is, really ugly ”.

Finally, he spoke about his economic situation: “I have two houses here in Bosques de las Lomas with very high property prices. I would like to move to a big house, but with one more property tax according to the age I am living, I did not grow up paying those property taxes”-


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