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Talina Fernández and the occasion that revealed that she was intimate with Julio Iglesias: “It was not worth it”

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Talina Fernández is a woman who undoubtedly has many anecdotes to tell and a long time ago, while she was on the program the sun rises, The famous revealed that Julio Iglesias was after her and that she was even intimate with him.

It was through the dynamics of the polygraph, to which Talina Fernández underwent, that his companions asked Mariana Levy’s mother several questions, where one of the questions was if she had had sexual relations with Julio Iglesias.

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The person in charge of remembering that Julio Iglesias was interested in Talina Fernández was Alex Kaffiewho also asked the driver if at any time she had been intimate with the father of Enrique Iglesias.

“Yes, but it wasn’t worth it,” replied Talina Fernández.

Given her response, they questioned Talina Fernández by what No there was It was worth being intimate with the singer, so The lady of the good saying hinted that “size does matter.”

On the other handTalina Fernández also said that she had left Televisa very upset because after so many years working for the company they did not liquidate her like other drivers.

“Yes, because they did not liquidate me like they liquidated my colleagues who had been the same years as me, Lolita Ayala, Joaquín López-Dóriga. All of them who were in their forties every day, they liquidated them and not me”.

Talina Fernández also said that she would not work with Alexis Núñez again, Televisa producer with whom he did not have a good relationship when they both worked on the program Today.

“I couldn’t because I would have to vomit for several hours beforehand,” said Talina Fernández.

Finally, they asked her if she would like to change something in her life, so moved, the driver said that the death of her daughter Mariana Levy.

“Yes, the death of my daughter.”


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