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Taika Waititi’s new film will drop well-known characters

Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy announced earlier last month that star wars He told the magazine that returning to the big screen would require creating “an entirely new saga”, not simply relying on threads of narrative from the past. totalfilm,

so is the director Taika Waititi confirmed what he wants to do with his next star warsWhich will be the first film in the franchise since the end of the Skywalker saga rise of skywalker,

Waititi recently told totalfilm That he is not interested in making a film with pre-existing characters and plots or telling pre-genre origin stories. director Thor: Love and Thunder aims to “create some new characters” and “expand the world”. star wars With your new project.

Taika Waititi.  Director in charge of the new "Star Wars" saga.  ap photo

Taika Waititi. Director in charge of the new “Star Wars” saga. ap photo

The director assured that he is still working on the script, as he wants to make sure the story feels like another installment of the franchise that the public already knows, but with completely new characters. .

“I think for the universe star wars Expand, it really has to expand. I don’t think it will add anything if I come out into the universe and make a movie that when everyone sees it they say: ‘Oh cool, look, these are the plans for the Millennium Falcon, oh, and it’s Chewbacca’s grandma.,

After giving that example, he said: “It’s all great, but I want to come up with something new and develop new characters, just expand the world, otherwise I think it’s a lot.” The story will be short and limited.”

new schemes

"Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker", the ninth and final installment of the saga that began in 1977.  Photo Archivo Clarins

“Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker”, the ninth and final installment of the saga that began in 1977. Photo Archivo Clarins

For his part, he commented on the new plans: “They have been in motion all the time. We have all this great and exciting work to do as we leave the saga. We want to be very sure about that. And We have some great talent that we’re working with: people who care deeply about what the next installment is. star wars,

The intention, both for the producer and the director and his team, is to revive interest in returning to cinema among a large section of the public, which has been withdrawn after the pandemic. “That way, with new stories, we want to get people back in theaters, so that we can really move forward. That’s important to us,” Kennedy said.

Waititi is Evolving star wars With co-writer Christy Wilson-Cairns, who earned an Oscar nomination for writing the one-take war thriller,1917by Sam Mendes.

Ewan McGregor in the series "Obi-Wan Kenobi", whose final episode can be seen on Wednesday, June 22.  photo file clarin

Ewan McGregor in the series “Obi-Wan Kenobi”, whose final episode can be seen on Wednesday, June 22. photo file clarin

While the franchise has shifted away from films and television over the past two years, most recently with the series premiere Obi-Wan KenobicOn Disney+, Kennedy emphasized that the big screen remains a priority for the franchise.

So all trust is placed on Taika Waititi, who played a small role in Mandalorian And also directed an episode of it.

Actor and director, Waititi is a trusted figure for Disney. after rolling Thor: Ragnarokwaiting for the premiere of now Thor: Love and Thunder, Next in Argentina on 7 July.

director jojo rabbit (for which he received the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay), among others, he has also been appointed for a time to write and direct a new star warsWhich can be released by the end of 2023.


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