Sylvia Pinal left the hospital, she is already at home

Sylvia Pinal triggered alert a few days agoIt was learned that he was admitted to the hospital due to blood pressure problem.

fortunately though The actress has already been discharged, it was announced by her daughter Sylvia Pascal. Through a video where his mother talks about his health.

Thanks for getting to know Sylvia Pinal

The Diva of Mexico sends congratulations to all the press! thanks for taking care of your health My mom’s been a diva for a while. And also thank you to all the public who were sending such beautiful messages,” Sylvia said.

“Press friends, Here’s her favorite star”, the iconic actress began her message. Later, Sylvia Pinal explained that “I am very happy to be at home again with my friends. I am going to see what happened after a while.”

“I’m ready for another”

“It went well for me, it wasn’t really anything extraordinary, It wasn’t anything serious, I’m so glad everything went fast and good. And I’m ready for another, “said Alejandra Guzmán’s mother.

Sylvia Pinal hospitalized

As Grupo Megamedia reported on June 28 on its various platforms, Sylvia Pasquale revealed that her mother, Sylvia Pinal was hospitalized but not for blood pressure problem, But for medical checkup.

The actress clarified that the 89-year-old film diva Went to doctor only for routine check-up, cited

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