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Sylvia Pasquel revealed that Alejandra Guzmán refused to sing for Silvia Pinal

Sylvia Pasquel and Alejandra Guzmán (Photos: Getty Images)

The one that has already been described as “the event of the year” in the shows has been the tribute that the Secretary of Culture organized for the first actress Silvia Pinal of the federal government in agreement with the National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature.

It was this Monday, August 29, when the actress was recognized by the authorities for her 73-year career, in which she has participated in more than 100 projects in film, television and theater. Multiple well-known personalities from the Mexican artistic scene gathered to honor Silvia Pinal’s contribution to art and cultureand the first actress was seen as happy.

Clapping, blowing kisses and raising her hands, she was like the creator of Woman…real life cases was seen from the presidential box of the Palacio de Bellas Artes, the historic cultural venue located in Mexico City, where only the greatest figures of culture They have managed to conquer a space.

Tribute to Silvia Pinal in Fine Arts.

Celebrities such as Gabriel García Márquez, Juan Gabriel, José José and María Félix have been honored in the beautiful venue, but the great particularity of this event is that it has been a recognition in lifeso the emotion was “on the surface” as he commented Stephanie Chambersgranddaughter of the actress, at the event.

Luis Miguel’s ex and mother of Michelle Salas was part of the presentation of a fragment of the musical Hey, Dolly!, along with actor Alan Estrada. This play is one of the most emblematic in which Silvia Pinal participated, so her performance was a moving moment.

Sylvia Pasquel’s daughter was the only member of the so-called “Pinal dynasty” who appeared in a special issue for the occasion and, although Alejandra Guzman she did come and was present all the time next to her famous mother, the rocker was not part of any performance on stage.

And it is that it caught the attention that the singer of make love with anotherWhen he addressed a few words to his mother, almost at the end of the event, he made a statement that caused a stir and generated speculation.

Well, I didn’t have to singbut I want to thank you, mother, for all the things you have shown us that any woman can do, because you have done more than that, you have achieved your dreams and you have achieved much more than any woman as an artist, as a mother, as what you I know”, said the 54-year-old singer, who added:

“Thank you for giving us life, for giving us a beautiful family, full of discipline and example; thank you for giving us talent, giving us your blood, giving us your caste and give us that smile always, every day so beautiful”.

Despite his moving words, the Guzman was the subject of speculation and the public began to wonder why he expressed that “he did not have to sing”. But now it’s been Sylvia Pasquelwho from the beginning was in charge of the event, which clarified the situation exposed by her younger sister.

the actress of With the devil between the legs clarified that it was Alejandra herself who he refused to sing to his mother in Fine ArtsWell, in his words, he just wanted to be by her side accompanying her.

This was stated on Javier Poza’s radio program on the morning of this Tuesday 30: “He did not want, I sent him WhatsApp, Javier, explaining to him about the tribute, everything that was going to happen in the tribute. And in that WhatsApp I told her what was going to be done and that it would be very nice if she participated by singing a song of hers to her mother and she didn’t want to. She spoke to Efigenia (Silvia Pinal’s personal assistant) and told her ‘I’m just going to go as a daughterI’m not going to go to work,'” he said.

Stephanie Salas’s mother clarified that if her sister made that comment on the stage of Fine Arts so that the public would think that their performance was not required, Maybe she did it, but she has arguments to prove that she was invited to sing from the beginning.

“I think that if he made that comment it was because he didn’t sing there, but of course i invited my sister… She did not want to. And if with that comment she wants to make people think that I didn’t invite her, well, she did it. But I can show that she was invited, ”said the actress.


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