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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Sylvia Pasquel reacts to her nomination at the Ariel Awards: “The culmination of something very cool”

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This week the nominations for the Ariel Awards 2022, that recognize the best of Mexican cinema, and Sylvia Pasquel appears in the category of Best Actress for her participation in The devil between the legsalthough this tape Arthur Ripstein does not appear in the list of Best film.

For such a situation, the famous complained in a meeting with several reporters, which was taken up by the program First hand, but first he reacted with joy to his nomination.

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Let’s say it’s the culmination of something very cool because that movie is a great movie “Silvia Pinal’s daughter pointed out.

Then he expressed his annoyance at the absence of the film in the main category: “Too bad they didn’t consider it Best Picture! What a pity that they have not considered Mrs. Paz (Alicia Garciadiego, the screenwriter)!

“How is it possible that everything is nominated except the movie and the script? Where did everything for which they are rewarding us come from? It seemed a bit absurd to me, but well, that’s how it is”, he questioned.

Tribute to Silvia Pinal

Pasquel also spoke of the tribute that his mother will receive in Fine Arts: “He already went to buy his bag, he already showed it off to me. The important thing is that she looks pretty, that she looks gorgeous; she gives us all a good wallow in what is elegance and presence”.

“I am going to send the invitations to the list that my mother is going to give, to all the people she wants to invite. It is not my party, my mother is the one who invites her to her party and those who want to go, go, “she added about the guests at this gala.

In addition, he answered the question of whether Enrique Guzmán will be present at the tribute: “I don’t think he’s not going to invite him, he’s been good to my mom, when she’s been sick he’s gone to see her, I don’t see the problem.”


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