Sylvia Pascal to receive film award

MEXICO CITY (El UNIVERSAL) .- “I have lived the life of an artist, how short-term work is, how hard it is to obtain and keep, so it is important to have a career of 52 years, because I survived, because I survived and Here I am, ”says Sylvia Pascal in a good mood.

With over 50 years of experience and nearly 30 feature films in her filmography, Sylvia Pasquale will be the object of a tribute at the Durango International Film Festival starting on the 22nd.

The actress has now participated in such films as “The Devil with the Legs” in theaters; “Santo vs. Blue Demon in Atlantis”, “My Little Big Man” and “Sergeant Capulina”.

During the virtual presentation of the film competition, the actress said, “I haven’t had the privilege of having a very award winning film because I haven’t done much, but I cherish this award and I consider myself lucky.” Alfonso Rojas Prego, director, producer and director of films such as “Pedro Navaza” and “Vagabunda”, will receive the White Plum, along with Pascal.

The fourth edition of the Durango International Film Festival will take place from June 22 to 26, featuring films from countries including Mexico, Spain and Germany.

“La Paloma y El Lobo” by Carlos Lenin; “Ricoche” with Andrés Almeida and “Tolvenera”, a documentary about a mining company, are part of the festival’s national representation.

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