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Sylvester Stallone criticizes ‘Rocky’ spin-off producers and calls them ‘parasites’

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Sylvester Stallone rose to fame thanks to the films of Rocky, character that he himself created and that became a success. Over the years, the actor got down to work to create a spin-offBelieve, However, he has long shown that he has a conflict with Irwin Winkler, producer of the films.

Through his Instagram stories, Sylvester Stallone strongly criticized Iwin Winklerto whom he sent a message a few weeks ago for appropriating Rocky’s rights and not returning them.

The actor “exploded” against Winkler and the other producers of Creed after learning from an article in TheWrap what is planned a new Rocky movie, andOn this occasion the main character will be Iván Drago, one of the boxer’s opponents.

“Another piece of news that breaks my heart. Once again, this pathetic 94-year-old producer and his vulture-asshole sons, Charles and David, are once again cleaning the bones of another wonderful character I created without even telling me.”

Sylvester Stallone apologized to Rocky fans and did not hesitate to call the producers “parasites”. In addition, he said that he respects the work of Dolph Lundgren, an actor who plays Iván Drago.

“I apologize to the fans, I never wanted the ‘Rocky’ characters to be exploited by these parasites. By the way, I have nothing but respect for Dolph, but I wish he had told me what was going on behind my back with the character I created for him. True friends are more valuable than gold.”

Finally Sylvester Stallone again asked the producer and his children to return the rights of his character.

“He is presumed to be the most hated, talentless and decrepit producer in Hollywood and his cowardly sons have found their next meal… Drago? Give me back my bloodsucking rights!”


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