Swarm fulfills a great dream by recording in English

MEXICO CITY (EFE) .- The group Enjambre questions the possibility of replacing past mistakes with the song “DeLorean” and returns to the stage after months of absence from face-to-face concerts.

“(The song) talks about the theme of the will, if I can turn back time and correct these mistakes that I have made and those that affect. He talks about this fantasy that we Everyone has it at some point,” explains band member and producer Julian Navajas.

With “Delorean”, Fresnillo, members of the Zacatecas, begin a project that they have pursued over the years and that, according to Navajas, is a fundamental part of their history as a band and shows the influences that have influenced them. Directed over 20 years.

“We’ve been wanting to make an EP in English for some time, but we lacked the time to develop it, with the pandemic and not having concerts the best opportunity to do it,” he says.

Although they are Mexican, the group was founded in Santa Ana, California, so that English would be a daily part of their formation.

“We lived in the United States for a long time and the band formed there, it’s a language we’ve learned to speak, we’ve mastered, and the music we listen to is rock in English. It’s a distinct phonetic. And there is personality,” Navajas says.

It was vocalist Luis Humberto Navezas, who in March began composing the four songs that make up the project, which, according to the keyboardist, are very different from each other.

“(In ‘DeLorean’) it was natural for it to sound like old-fashioned slang. We’re the same band, stuff that comes up again”, he explains.

And he says he attributes this sound to the fact that it was performed as the band initially made their record.

“We recorded it in a studio and I mixed it myself, I think that’s why it has that sound,” he says.

The song’s video shows an original DeLorean car that “blew its head off” because it had never seen one alive, with the band, who recalls the film “Back to the Future” (1985), taking the subject of travel. The past is like a deep longing. The composer clarifies that the song is not about that film.

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goes on tour

After a long absence from the stage, Enzambre recently began its musical tour of Guadalajara and Toluca, and the day after tomorrow, Thursday, it will perform in Mexico City. Eight more dates are added to these concerts throughout the country and in the United States.

they are excited

The musicians say they’re excited to sing the new material live — called “Next Neighbors” — and hope fans will enjoy it.