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Susanna Jimenez acquires Martin Fierro de Brillante

This Sunday was held the Martin Fierro Awards, the main award that highlights the most important productions of Argentine television. The 50th edition ceremony was broadcast live on Telefe, with Marley Hilton conducting from Buenos Aires and Susana Jimenez receives Martin Fierro de Brillante for her career.

The driver, in a gold dress, assures Diva, very comfortably, that she is too lazy to prepare for a gala. “This is 35 years of TV, it had to happen”Arriving on the red carpet. He was accompanied by his daughter Mercedes Sarrabieras and his grandchildren Lucia and Manuel Celasco.

Despite not being nominated in any category this year, The host, which is set in Uruguay and is preparing for a theatrical season to appear in Punta del Este soonDedicated to his more than thirty-five years of experience on television, the festival was his tribute.

Tribute to Susanna Jimenez at the Martin Fierro Awards 2022.

Tribute to Susanna Jimenez at the Martin Fierro Awards 2022.

“Since I am not nominated, there is no panic in me,” he said. Also, he announced that he is doing a special preparation for this year but he misses his normal cycle. The stage led to a review of his three decades of program, which featured images of those figures and many of his famous catchphrases and phrases that became famous.

Appreciated by Mirtha, Susanna hugs her granddaughter Lucia before going on stage to receive the statue. Acclaimed by guests, she launched her classic: “I love you all. I’m not excited and now I’m excited. Chikki, I look like you. I can’t believe everything I’ve done.” ‘That’s a lot but it flew by but I really enjoyed it,’ she said.

“How divine, he has real diamonds,” he assured the guests with a broken voice. “Here’s to everyone and be happy,” the diva closed again, the whole room lined up for her respect.


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