Home Entertainment Susana Zabaleta reveals the horrible illness for which she smokes marijuana

Susana Zabaleta reveals the horrible illness for which she smokes marijuana

Susana Zabaleta reveals the terrible disease for which she smokes marijuana

actress and singer Susana Zabaleta just lately turned a pattern after commenting that he was all for a. suffers horrible illness that made her use marijuana.

The 57-year-old actress just lately made the assertion on a TV present. Youtube with the Golden scorpion, named Steering.

Throughout the dialog, whereas sitting in a automotive, Susana and the Scorpio mentioned varied subjects, from males to physique hair to drug use.

“What drugs do you use?”the Golden Scorpio requested the actress, to which she replied:

Bacon, do not discover anything. I get bacon, you’ll say, oh sure, however I’ve a mom named Fibromyalgia, is a situation and whenever you smoke you may transfer extremely effectively and your joints do not harm or something, it is terrific“, Assured the singer.

“How cool a drug addict’s excuses are,” Golden Scorpion jokingly replied to the actress’ cause.

What’s the Fibromyalgia, the horrible illness that Susana Zabaleta smokes marijuana for?

In line with CDC, Fibromyalgia is a situation that causes ache all through the physique, problem sleeping, fatigue, and emotional and psychological misery.

“Fibromyalgia affects approximately 4 million American adults, about 2% of the adult population. The cause of fibromyalgia is unknown, but it can be treated and managed effectively, “says the CDC.

Some signs embody pains and Stiffness from the physique, despair and anxiousness, Issues with the thought, the reminder and the focus, Headache, tingling or numbness within the palms and ft, facial or jaw ache, and digestive issues, amongst others.

Right here we depart you the interview the place Susana Zabaleta spoke concerning the illness that made her smoke marijuana.

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