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Susana Giménez talked about her meeting with Yolanda Andrade, the actress who claimed to have married Verónica Castro The diva was in Mexico fulfilling her work commitments and the woman who in 2019 said she had had a romantic relationship with Chaparrita shared a I post with her

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Susana Giménez denied having betrayed Verónica Castro for her meeting with Yolanda Andrade (Video: Intruders, America)

In the past week, Susana Gimenez postponed the functions of judas skin, the work with which he successfully presented at the Enjoy in Punta del Este, to make a getaway to Mexico. And the reason was none other than to fulfill his work commitments, since he will soon record a comedy show there, LOL: If you laugh, you lose, whose original format from Japan already had its respective versions in that country and in Spain.

The funny thing was that, while many speculated that the diva was going to take advantage of her trip to visit her friend Veronica Castroappeared on social media alongside Yolanda Andradethe actress who in 2019 claimed to have had a sentimental history with the Chaparrita, with whom she even said she had married in Amsterdam, capital of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, in 2004.

It should be remembered that the mother of Cristian castro She always denied the statements of her friend, who had also said that the intimate relationship between them had begun in 2003, when they both coincided on the program big brother vip 2 one as driver and one as participant. And, even, she had been very affected by the rumors that began to circulate from 2005, after the publication of some photographs in which they were both seen enjoying a day at the beach.

Yolanda Andrade’s post with Susana Giménez on Instagram

Thus, the fact that Andrade herself published a video with Susana not only drew attention, but was also seen as a “betrayal” of the diva towards the Mexican star. However, when approached by the cameras of intruders On his return to Argentina, from where in the next few hours he will leave for Uruguay, Giménez made his position on the subject clear.

“I’m exhausted. Fine, but tired because I didn’t sleep at all. It lasted ten hours and I got up at a quarter past five”, was the first thing the diva said when she arrived at the Ezeiza airport. And she clarified that she had not been able to see Verónica, because she was in Acapulco during the few days that her stay in Mexico City lasted. Then, Rafa Jury He asked her about her encounter with Yolanda, clarifying that she had been romantically involved with Castro. “Is there more than a friendship there?”, She consulted him. “Nah guys! These are things I don’t know, nor can I speak…”, answered Susan immediately.

At that time, the chronicler remarked that there would be nothing wrong with two adults having a story beyond friendship. But the diva insisted: “It will be between them. What do I have to see?”. And, with her characteristic humor, she asked the journalist not to play “the canchero”, as if to close the issue knowing that it is a matter that at the time greatly distressed her friend.

Susana Giménez and Verónica Castro have been friends for years (Instagram)
Susana Giménez and Verónica Castro have been friends for years (Instagram)

In the same note, Susana said that she had Uruguayan residence but had not planned to apply for citizenship. She ironically complained about the bill that would take 20% from Argentine citizens who have their assets outside the country. And she said that almost every day she talks with Mirtha Legrand, but they did not talk about his imminent return to television. In addition, she was happy for the tribute they paid to Marcelo Tinelli in Punta del Esta, although she said that she already had the key to that city. And she recognized that her granddaughter, Lucia CelascoShe was very sad about the death of her dog.


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