Home » Entertainment » Susana Dosamantes, mother of Paulina Rubio, is hospitalized in Miami

Susana Dosamantes, mother of Paulina Rubio, is hospitalized in Miami

Susana Dosamantes, mother of Paulina Rubio, is hospitalized in Miami

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The actress Susana Dosamantes She is in the hospital and here we tell you the reason why Paulina Rubio’s mother is in a hospital Miami.

According to a statement from his family The first actress is hospitalized at Mount Sinai Medical Center.

The statement was shared by the actress’ son, Enrique Rubio Dosamantes, who gave out the information and the actress’ current health situation If they let us (2021), Blacker than the night (1975) and river wolf (1970) among others.

What happened to Susana Dosamantes and why is she hospitalized in Miami?

“Her children, her grandchildren and her entire family are united and focused on her recovery and have full confidence in the medical team supporting her, which has the maximum experience,” Enrique Rubio said in the statement.

According to son The 74-year-old actress is hospitalized after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancerfor which he is being treated.

“We will keep you informed of developments and thank you in advance for any tokens of support and affection received,” he said release shared by programs like Venga La Alegría.

Paulina Rubio is currently touring with Alejandra Guzmán on the “Perrísimas” tour in the USA, with which they will visit New York on April 23rd.

Who is Susana Dosamantes?

The actress is originally from Guadalajara, Mexico and is currently 74 years old.

In 1968 he made his film debut vortex of passions Y The memories of the future.

Among the films he shot at the beginning of his career, there are also marriage and sex, peach blossom, Confessions of a teenager, Duel at dusk Y the imposing.

On TV he made telenovelas like die for life, wild heart, The Twins, Rebekah, three times Anna Y The Flight of Victory.


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