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Saturday, October 1, 2022

Susan Sarandon confirmed that she is bisexual during Jimmy Fallon’s show

The actress five times nominated for the Oscar Awards, susan sarandonhas distinguished herself by always being involved in various political causes and seeking gender equality.

During his participation in the program of Jimmy Fallonthe actress revealed, or rather confirmed that she is bisexualwhich is why his name became one of the trends on Twitter this Saturday, September 10.

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On one of the most watched talk shows today, The Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon, the actress began to talk about the recent death of her pets and that, during a conversation with her son, he recommended that she adopt a cat.

Then, The actress shrugged her shoulders and said: “and I’m bi, so…”. The driver quickly asked her if that was referring to her taste for dogs and cats, to which Susan replied: “I am fluent”which provoked applause from the public.

This was not the first time that Susan revealed her sexual preference since, in 2015, the actress stated in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres that she was actively looking for a new love; “I would leave open the age, the color, even the gender. I am open. It increases your chances, right?”

Yes, I am open minded.. My sexual orientation is curious for those who want to try it, you could say. I am serious about monogamy though, so I haven’t had a lot of partners. It’s not like I’ve gotten a lot of offers either,” he said in 2017.

Susan made her big screen debut in 1970 with the dramatic film joeto later jump to the small screen with the telenovela A World Apartissued between 1970 and 1971. He first appeared on Broadway in 1972 with the play An Evening with Richard Nixon and in 1975, he achieved international recognition with the cult tape The Rocky Horror Picture Showwhich marked the starting point of her successful career as an actress.


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