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Survivor Mexico: why Jacky from Acapulco Shore could be the new member

Photo: Instagram/@survivormexico/@jackyoficial_

In the most recent issue of Survivor Mexicothe driver Carlos Guerrero, also known as Warriorassured that a new member would reach the beaches of Dominican Republic to play together hawks.

In the advance of this Friday’s chapter, it was seen that the new survivor has a tattoo of birds flying on the left shoulderso the fans closest to the details of each reality show immediately identified that it could be jackie ramirezone of the most controversial members of Acapulco Shore season 8.

This is the preview where, for a few seconds, you can see the young woman’s flock of birds. In addition, some netizens pointed out that the length and tone of the hair are the same as those of the influencerbecause for a while it had brown lights, which are still slightly visible.

Although the shoulder of the young woman who will enter the reality show is only seen for a few seconds, the tattoo design coincides with the one that Jacky constantly wears on her Instagram account. Viewers of this Azteca Uno program will discover who will be the new member of Halcones this Friday, July 29.

“The HALCONES receive a new member that will leave them open-mouthed… Tonight the rules change in #SurvivorMexico and a SURVIVOR will say goodbye to the competition. At 7:30 pm, by Azteca UNO.”, could be read in the publication of the official Instagram of this program.

It should be noted that before this announcement, the Falcons and Jaguars tribes had already “exchanged” Yusef and Cuchao to the opposing team, so in addition to learning to adapt to a new player, they will have to learn to team up with their teammates.

Photo: Instagram/@survivormexico/@jackyoficial_
Photo: Instagram/@survivormexico/@jackyoficial_

Some of the comments from Survivor fans were the following: “Jacky our boss and no way”, “Jacky my impossible love, my religion my everything”, “Jacky is going to come out” and “Just for @jackyoficial_ I’ll watch the show.” All the enthusiastic messages assumed that it is a fact that the former acashore will join the survival reality show.

Another indication that Jacky could be the new member is that her social networks have not been active in recent days, so she could already be with the rest of the participants; However, some contestants when they travel to the Dominican Republic usually warn her followers, but she did not.

Who is Jacky Ramírez from Acapulco Shore

Jacky Ramírez recently underwent cosmetic surgery Photos: Courtesy MTV
Jacky Ramírez recently underwent cosmetic surgery Photos: Courtesy MTV

The first season in which this influencer participated was the eighth, since she entered the Acapulco mansion, she made clear her intention to create controversy and stand out from the whole party and the “degenerate”.

Hi, I’m Jacky and I’m going to be in the new season of Acapulco Shore. Obviously I’m going to be the life of the party and I want to make lots of friends and have a great time with everyone. In three words, I want the vacation to be full of excesses and obviously laughter. For me, the Shore spirit cannot be described in words, but it is me in all its splendor”, were the words of the influencer for a promotional video of the reaility of MTV.

Jacky cried during the episode (Photo: screenshot /paramountplus.com)
Jacky cried during the episode (Photo: screenshot /paramountplus.com)

But once inside the reality show, he began to have a lot of controversy, physical fights and some feuds with other acashores, mainly with Nacha; although towards the end there was a “reconciliation”, there came a point where it was even kicked out of the house with Fer.

He currently has more than 1 million followers on his Instagram account. However, her first appearance on television was in 2019, specifically in the dating reality show Falling in love; From then on she began to have frequent interventions, in which she starred in stories of love and rejection with different partners.


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