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‘Sunset’ seller Amanza Smith gets ‘Invincible’ tattoo on her face: PHOTOS

'Sunset' seller Amanza Smith gets 'Invincible' tattoo on her face: PHOTOS

After ‘working hard’ in the tattooing chair, Amanza Smith walks out with brand new ink on her face, and it reminds the world just how ‘invincible’ she really is.

If Amanza Smith Sometimes it feels like she can’t face the challenges that come her way, everything selling sunset Have to look at the star in the mirror. Amanza, 45, shared a video About getting inked on her Instagram on Tuesday (April 5). “Go hard or go home. Yep technically this is a favorite tattoo,” she captioned the tattoo artist’s video Zara Ilana Solav of fine line tattoos applying the design. The word “invincible” was written under Amanza’s jawline. “You can only see it when I look up, though!” He added. “I’m mad y’all but not completely mad!”

This wasn’t Amanza’s first tattoo. “Invincible” with ink video, selling sunset The star shared photos of all of her minimalist designs, including the word “MOM” between her thumb and forefinger, the letters “PR” and “AY” on the side of her hands, which when come together form the word “PRAY”. He also has arrows on his forearm and a star-like design inside his ear.

His latest addition of tattoos to his body earned him praise and love from his fans. “She’s Ma Girl,” commented Tina Lewis “You are the best person I know,” added Amanza on the IG post Sun set costar, Emma Hernana, Ben Bowler Commented, “Wow. Now I have to step up! Awesome.” Amber Childers It also wrote, “You have to go with me to get one!!” “I’ll show you my new one when I see you!” wrote Chrishell Stause. “Not that much. Just a cute little talk. Miss you!! Xoxo.”


It’s time to add Amanza to the growing list of celebrities with facial tattoos. Post Malone, Migos, Chris Brown, Amber RoseAnd kat von do Sports ink above the neckline. However, the trend may be coming to an end. Amanda Bynes, who got a heart tattooed on her cheek, recently revealed that she is removing the design. He gave an update on the removal process in a wordless video on March 10. Whether or not this is a sea change when it comes to celeb ink (or marking her independence from her conservatism) remains to be seen.

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